intel has expanded the workload acceleration by the latest programmable accelerator cards on the hpe server

Posted by millikan at 2020-02-23

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* a translation of the material published in the United States on August 5, 2019.

Latest information: Intel has announced the expansion of workload acceleration capabilities for HPE * ProLiant d316gen10 servers by collaboration with Hewlett Packard enterprise (HPE). High performance advanced Intel FPGA programmable acceleration to computing intensive Marquette, such as streaming analysis, media transcoding, financial technology and network security Deployment of card (Intel FPGA PAC) d5005 is possible. Intel FPGA PAC d5005 is the second edition of the Intel FPGA PAC portfolio, and it has been shipped into the HPE * ProLiant dl3809 gen10 server product and started shipping.

The HPE * ProLiant gen10 server family is the server's most secure, highest class operational management and agility platform available in the current market. Incorporating Intel's FPGA PAC d5005 into the HPE * ProLiant DL380 gen10 server allows the HPE to quickly optimize the corresponding workload, such as AI inference, big data, streaming analysis, network security, and image transcoding Configuration can now be provided. Combined with the wide server product portfolio developed by the HPE pointnext division, HPE can accelerate "time to value" of different client companies, reduce the time to achieve the goal, and support expansion of the rate of return (ROI). " Bill mannell, general manager of HPC & AI business unit

The reasons for the importance: stream analysis, text coding AI, and media transcoding are very high computing performance to meet the growing needs. Data center operators use hardware accelerators for specific workloads to extract maximum Merritt from FPGA based hardware acceleration. By directing these tasks to a customized hardware accelerator, you can reduce the load of a particular workload, free the server's CPU cycle, and assign it to a higher priority workload. Reducing the load of the appropriate workload reduces the total cost of the data center operation.

The latest Intel FPGA PAC d5005 has increased logic, memory and network capacity compared to previous Intel FPGA PAC products. At present, it has been adopted in the HPE * ProLiant DL380 gen10 server product, and has already received a new alternative to the Intel PAC Intel Argia 10 GX FPGA version, and a high performance Intel FPGA PAC.

Features: Intel FPGA PAC d5005, which is equipped with Intel Stratix 10sx FPGA, provides high-performance workload acceleration for both in-line and look side servers on the Intel Xeon scalable processor. You can use Intel acceleration stack, including acceleration libraries and development tools.

HPE was first introduced as a server OEM maker for the first time to comply with HPE server products on Intel FPGA PAC d5005, specifically HPE * ProLiant dl3gen10 servers. Many vendors that provide server products are also examining Intel FPGA PAC d5005. The initial workload, developed exclusively for Intel FPGA PAC d5005, is as follows.

Intel FPGA PAC D 5005 is located in the latest model of the acceleration card for the server in the Intel FPGA product line to which it adopts. Compared with the Intel PAC Intel Argia 10 GX FPGA version, the resource capacity is greatly expanded, and the programmable logic is 3 times, and the DDR4 memory of 32 GB corresponds to 32 GB and 4 times, and the Ethernet port is accelerated (100ge port x2 and 40ge port x1). . The Intel version of the arra 10 GX FPGA has a wide area of packaging because of its small packaging area and low power consumption. On the other hand, Intel FPGA PAC d5005 is a high level acceleration.

Details: enterprise users can now get Merritt from a streamlined system integration and reliable interoperability with simplified order order. Please access HPE when purchasing.

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