luigi condominium 3 paid additional content "multiplayer pack" 1st free & free update today! introducing luigi's new costume and "playground" new game.

Posted by barello at 2020-04-03


Full screenshot - Nintendo switch Luigi mansion 3 Demo

"Luigi mansion 3" additional content "multiplayer pack" was delivered today! In this article, I introduce the contents of the first detail in detail.

"Luigi mansion 3 multi play pack" is a multi play mode "Terra tower" and "pre land" that can be enjoyed in "Luigi mansion 3" (additional 1000 yen). "Multiplayer pack" is delivered in the first, second, and the second. * the second one will be delivered by the end of July 2020. * you cannot purchase each additional content in a single item. For details, please visit "Luigi mansion 3" official site.

We also introduce free update data (ver.1.3.0). Even if you don't have a multiplayer pack, you can also enjoy additional elements.

First, please take a look at the video of the first delivery contents.

In "Terra tower", Luigi is changed into three costumes.

When Luigi replaces these costumes in "terror tower", the floor of "Castle Floor wind", "disco floor wind" and "dessert floor wind" suitable for the theme of the costume selected will appear. * as the number of people wearing a special costume is larger, the probability of appearance of the floor suited to the theme rises.

In these floors, a slightly unusual look appears.

Three new games, "ukiwa no Tori", "dodge chute" and "shock battle" are added to "playground" which can be played by eight people.

Collect the coins while avoiding logs. Be careful because it drops all the coins when it falls, falls, and comes to the thunder strike, and it touches the red spade.

Dodge ball with vacuum. When I hit the ball, my strength decreases, and when I lose my physical strength, I will go down. As soon as everyone gets down, the team will lose the ball using the "burst" of timing, so that the player gets closer and resurrected.

Beat the obi and get points! It is important to be careful not to take care only by inhaling Obi because the point decreases when stepping on the floor of the electric mark that appears at random.

The 20th floor mode is added to the terra tower. In addition, the type of unique ovale that can be captured in the teller tower increases. If you have confidence in your arms, why don't you try to the 20th floor?

"Music player" is added to "Gallery". You can always listen to your favorite BGM from here!

It can be selected by "special contents" and "music player" from "Gallery" of base lab..

In addition, I got the first additional content and information about the free update. Looking forward to the second report!

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