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New Delhi, Woe to the Everlasting Life! Every soul who earns it desires to be saved after its spending, in order to enter it. Fixed Deposit (FD) prefers most people in the FD. People also go because it's expected. At the current time, post office time deputies have also entered Good option. If you're planning to enter the Fixed Deposit scheme to save, you have two options at Bank Fixed Deposit and Post Office Time Deposit We're communicating with you about these two input.

Bank Fixed Deposit

The FD time in the bank starts at 7 days and is at least 10 years old. The FD can be opened in any bank. The account is also available. Get information about the document order before opening an online FD before opening the bank, including the minimum and maximum monarchy, document order. Different banks have a different rate of interest on the FDs. Information on the FDs of the Bank can be taken from their website, though, Now, all the banks are constantly gathering in their collective levels (FD). The SBI is still selling ordinary citizens at six feet, if so. So if you're banking the X-axis, it's paying the F-axis at 6.50%. The bank's paying the 6.25 percent.

Post Office Time Deposit

One year, two years in a bag house, 3 years and 5 years is an option. Now it's going to make you want to choose how many tanks you want to choose. The security of your entire regime in the office deposit is higher because it guarantees the government. Time deposit account in the dock is at least 1,000. It can be opened with money. There is no limit to collecting the maximal sovereignty. It's the same as Singh and Tweet Accounts, if you're 10 years old. More than that, the account opens from the name of the monitor and has to divide the line by itself. This scheme has been done for 5 years. The input text is suitable for the infinite and the only text can be released under the 80C base of 1961. In both checks and cache accounts You can open it. Instead, the account has been opened in a post office and is allowed to transfer to another account.

Serbian registered Instant Editor, and certified financial planning association said, 'Looking at the rate and the text, the difference is that the bank finance is protected at the same time, as well. The government has given it over 1 million and over 5 million. There's a lot of money in the post office, yeah, if they talk to the market, they need a bank. There's a higher rate in the post office.

Here, the financial editor of the Center Solanki says that the post office time deposits more than the FDA The rest of the two input options are almost the same, so you'll be right to enter the post office as input.

Between 1 to 5 years in the post office

Payment Rate

1 year 6.9 percent.

2 years 6.9 percent.

3 years 6.9 percent.

5 years 7.7 percent.

How secure the money

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