if you don't know, you will be ignorant. if you know, you will be cunning... tbs "jin yujun news factory" is another fake dispute

Posted by santillano at 2020-04-04

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▲ in the "news factory of Jin Yujun", a representative Pro text broadcaster, on the 13th, the procuratorial organ said that the indictment sent by Zheng Jingxin (57) to the professor of Oriental University was "false official document" without a clear basis, and inclined to teach by Zheng. Zheng Shang Yun

TBS traffic broadcasting operated by citizens' taxes continues to be supported by the motherland. In Jin Yujun's news factory, hosted by the representative Pro text broadcaster himself on the 13th, the procuratorial organ said to Zheng Jingxin (57 years old) that "this is a false official document" and preferred Professor Zheng in the indictment sent to the professor of Oriental University. But he did not make it clear why the indictment was a false document.

"This is a fraud, a perfect novel," lawyer Shen Changzhi, who was on the show as a guest, said to the prosecution on the same day, "is it close to forging official documents?". "It should be said that it is a forgery of official documents," Jin said. At the same time, the procuratorial organ, based on the contents of some indictments, advocates that the indictments are "false documents".

But the opinions of people in the legal profession are totally different. "The change of indictment is not a special thing," said Kim kisoo, a lawyer from the three law firms. "It is also easy to be contacted in major events such as political or economic crimes.".

"In that case, the public will think that the prosecutor is really wrong."

One lawyer, who asked for anonymity, said: "the person who is monopolized by the state government and who keeps his mouth shut during the MB investigation (Jin Yujun) is a Japanese government official, In particular, whether the meeting date will be set due to the investigation of a prosecutor's office in the motherland? "Most citizens who don't know about the legal investigation think that the prosecutor really did something wrong when broadcasting such content on public TV station".

The procuratorial organ also changed the contents of Cui Shuyuan's indictment in the investigation of state monopoly in 2017. In addition, former President Lee Myung Bak (78), who is suspected of raising secret funds and paying legal fees, has applied for changing the indictment on suspicion of bribery.

Kim's unilateral claim is more than that. He reasoned on Professor Zheng's doubts about the investment in his famous account: "if you borrow money from people you know, do they invest?" "For millions of won," he said of the amount of Zheng's stock investment, "the amount of such investment risked by the families of senior civil servants is too small", causing controversy.

These statements are different from the facts. As for the name borrowing account, Professor Zheng confirmed the login IP (website) and related SMS content through the name borrowing stock transaction from July 4 to September 30, 2017.

According to the survey, Professor Zheng's stock investment amount is different from Jin's claim, reaching hundreds of millions of won. Professor Zheng received unpublished information related to WFM, the second battery company invested by Colin Plavix, from Mr. Zhao's nephew, 5-inch. Professor Zheng has been charged by prosecutors for allegedly using the device to buy about 713 million won of shares in his name from January to November last year.

Zheng Jingxin has invested hundreds of millions of shares. Just a few million.

Kim also spoke to Zhao Min (28), the daughter of Zhao's former chief executive. He thought that the prosecutor regarded Zhao as an accomplice, and advocated that "the daughter was an intern, and the prosecutor said" didn't do it ", he wanted to bring her together."

But the indictment Zheng received included the suspicion of submitting his daughter's false internship certificate to the entrance examination. More Than This. Zhao's false certificate of suspicion has repeatedly stated his position in several relevant institutions.

"Zhao went in and out twice during his internship," the Korean Academy of science and Technology (Kist) said in an inspection by the State Administration of the science, technology, information, broadcasting and Communication Commission of the National Assembly on November 11

The internship certificate was also falsely issued by Professor Zheng through Kist's acquaintances. Kist will remove Li Guanglie, director of Kist Institute of technology policy, who forges the internship certificate. "In fact, Zhao made a contribution to the paper," said a professor at danguo University who was the first author of a pathology paper by Zhao, a former senior high school student. The paper was cancelled at the pathology society.

From 2017 to last month, TBS was sanctioned by 14 radio communication review committees for spreading false facts. 11 of them are "Jin Yajun's news factory".