how whipper died. does this mean that e-cigarettes are dangerous

Posted by millikan at 2020-02-23

The eleventh e-cigarette consumer died in the United States. It was because of their use that doctors and local authorities linked his death. Doctors are talking about the Weiping epidemic, and e-cigarette makers believe their health risks are still lower than those of traditional smoking.

At present, the reporter asked the experts if they knew scientifically the danger of the Vickers, whether they should be banned, and how the government viewed this issue. Doctors and tobacco companies.

Eleven death

On September 25, the U.S. Department of health in Florida reported the country's tenth death related to the use of Webber. The twenty sixth case is that of Georgia's official authorities. In the context of these reports, Juul labs, head of one of the largest e-cigarette manufacturers in the United States, resigned. And the U.S. Congress has set up a special group to develop a plan to ban e-cigarettes on a large scale.

In the United States, there are more than 530 cases of lung disease associated with the use of diphtheria. More than half of all patients under the age of 25. In addition to death, there are comas and disabilities. " Adam helgenrad's lungs look like a 70 year old lung, "said the doctor, who saved Webber's smokers from Illinois. His smoking period is one and a half years.

What happened to the lungs?

According to the New England Journal of medicine, infectious lung disease is also known as "werp - related disease.". The sudden development of the disease is accompanied not only by standard symptoms - cough and common weakness, but also specifically: dyspnea, Respiratory failure and bilateral lung infiltration.

Therefore, "(...) clinical chart-n) is similar to some kind of pneumonia, so these patients are initially properly diagnosed and treated with antibiotics. The problem is that in the case of pertussis diphtheria, antibiotics don't work because they're not infectious. " In the end, most patients get help from systemic hormones: a powerful anti-inflammatory drug, This can prevent a very active inflammatory process and prevent it from entering a difficult stage leading to irreversible changes in the respiratory organs.

From an anatomical point of view, the described lung disease changes are not suitable for the selection of typical smoking related diseases. SAVAN: Although cigarettes have long-term health effects on lung cancer and emphysema, they can also cause acute symptoms in rare cases. This includes early stages of smoking, such as respiratory bronchitis and intermittent pneumonia.

In order to understand the cause of the disease, the patient underwent bronchoscopy, treatment and biopsy. The results showed that there were fat molecules in their lungs: their accumulation apparently led to tissue damage and severe inflammation.

Unknown substance

Experts say it's glycerin, aromatic additives, oil solution GG) [tetrahydrocannabinol, marijuana's psychoactive ingredient] and vitamin E acetate. The technical advisory group has long been the "number one suspect," but after an incident in Georgia, medical officials admitted that some diseases end in deaths from people who smoke from the technical advisory group, others - and Third, only nicotine.

As Oleg zyakov, director of the Russian Institute of national drug health, points out, the production of e-cigarettes is not regulated, even the production of tobacco or alcohol. "Therefore, there may be a variety of substances in the ink cartridge," Vespa is fashion and consumption. This is about producers. Experts say there are no restrictions and strict controls in the production process, so it can be speculated that all of these will make people accustomed to life. "

This is about cloud: Wen Ping as a ceremony.

Except that the composition of a Weber liquid that can be produced in any way may be known, Some users mix them, and they invent "their own combination. The aim is to get more effective and dense vapor clouds, as well as new taste effects. One version of the patient's death in question is that the person affected by the pipe modified the electronic cigarette and injected the substance into it, This use was not foreseen. " I think e-cigarette manufacturers will actively exploit this loophole. "

Experts pointed out that the key difference between the marketing strategy and that of tobacco producers is to promote Weiping culture as a process. Young people, including primary and secondary school students, smoke from time to time, but on time. Rituals are more important than habits.

"This pattern of behaviour is essential for young people. It was they who formed a habit: it was hard to give up rituals, not nicotine, especially in a social context. " ——Because you have to change your behavior, it will be difficult to refuse.

The United States: prohibit the use of electric vehicles for schoolchildren

According to the U.S. Department of health, there are more than 5 million senior students nationwide, an increase of 20% in the last year alone. There are about 35 million veperovs around the world.

To stop "the virus that's prevalent among teenagers, President Donald Trump's government has promised to ban aromatics without nicotine. The FDA sent a letter the next day to e-cigarette manufacturers and dealers, announcing that smoking equipment is not allowed, (a) Encourage young people to smoke. The authorities believe that the company's use of aromatic compounds in promoting Weber, as well as the language and image itself, violates American advertising law.

The first FDA claimant is Juul, which provides e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Insufficient data. Who says

Juul is part of Altria tobacco holdings, a major tobacco producer of Philip Morris. In addition to Philip Morris International (PMI), other tobacco companies are also producing e-cigarettes: British American tobacco, Imperial Tobacco Group, Japan tabacc international, etc. The research they funded proved Weber's benefit in quitting smoking. A key message for tobacco companies is that they don't offer e-cigarettes to non-smokers, they just want to reduce the harm to existing smokers.

There are many modifications to e-cigarettes. In short, they are all made of battery packs( However, the liquid in the evaporator is still called "ink cartridge". The type of evaporator itself and the design of battery pack are quite different. Iqos and glo tobacco heating devices are also electronic cigarettes, although they are not accompanied by the formation of a dense steam club, A when used, there is no mixture.

According to the production company, tobacco heating in e-cigarettes releases less harmful substances than burning in ordinary cigarettes. However, in a survey published in May 2018, the World Health Organization (who) noted that "there are no actual data, This shows that compared with ordinary tobacco products, the harm of heating tobacco products is less. " Although e-cigarettes were patented as early as the 1960s, they have been produced and used since 2004, and there is no long-term impact study. " All forms of smoking are harmful. "," who insists.

There, why not ban Vita

Although lawmakers in the United States think how to restrict the sale of products, restrictions in EU countries are irrelevant. In the UK, scientists even support the use of e-cigarettes: according to public health English data, Wei Ping can think that it is 95% safer than ordinary cigarettes. The US Department of toxicology and Disease Registry (CNN) points out that this difference may be due to the fact that diphtheria / pertussis / tetanus / pertussis / tetanus / tetanus / pertussis / tetanus / pertussis / tetanus / pertussis / tetanus / tetanus / pertussis / pertussis / tetanus / tetanus / pertussis is not recorded in the UK This, in turn, involves restrictions on e-cigarette advertising and strict controls on the nicotine content of Vespa.

As far as Russia is concerned, according to Euromonitor International, in this context, the WEP product market in Russia grows by 10% every year, Experts explained that the sale of traditional cigarettes was decreasing, including in the context of anti smoking laws, at the national level. Oleg zykov predicted that the Ministry of health would continue to systematically control smoking and would take "professionally correct objections". At the same time, as Vassily spinitzki pointed out, the Russian authorities decided to reduce the supply of e-cigarettes, Increased prices: since January 1, 2020, Russia has imposed a one-time, multiple and wheel cartridge consumption tax on all such products (about 48 rubles per piece, US $0.74).