"why do you see such a post?" fabook, tell you why

Posted by lipsius at 2020-04-04

Facebook shows the reason for the post in the news materials and shows the function of telling everyone. This is to get trust from users. On May 15, in the "news seed media conversation" held by Facebook South Korea post Sandong news agency, the producer of Landa's Facebook news seed ranking said that the reason for "magic" was (why am I seiing this post?) "Users want to understand" why do I read this post on the news seed first "and also want to adjust the experience of news materials according to the way they want.".

"The reason this post shows" is to extend the function originally used for Facebook advertising to general posts. According to Facebook, users can understand why all kinds of things from news seeds come into contact with this function. Understand the behavior affected by the order of posts, and conduct detailed management through "first look", "cancel attention" and other options.

Transparency, choice and control

"Ultimately, the most important principles of data use are transparency, choice and control."

In January this year, the CEO of MarkJ Facebook made the above position through the media. "Facebook should be transparent about how information is used, making it easier for users to manage and control their information more clearly." He mentioned that the reasons for transparency, choice and control might be to recover lost trust.

Last year, there were a series of personal information leaks on Facebook, including the Cambridge Bridge incident. Although the results are different, Facebook has been controversial about news seed algorithm.

Typical examples include △ what users see is decided by Facebook △ user data sales △ profit through false news △ appearing in news materials through designated number of friends' articles.

Facebook says it's a misunderstanding. Of course, users don't believe it easily. "What's the reason for this post? ”Through the function, users can more easily understand the news seed operation principle of Facebook.

In fact, the skill is very simple. This is also a function that has been applied to advertising. Ceduraman's agent stressed that it is the first attempt of the global social media platform to directly disclose the operation principle of news seed sequence applicable to general posts other than advertisements to all users.

"In the self survey conducted before the introduction of the function, respondents said that the news seed algorithm without the control function could not have sufficient transparency," said seduraman's agent. "Due to the introduction of the new function, more than 2 billion users can control the experience of news seed.". Yes. "It's the first time a huge company like Facebook has embedded transparency in its products and brought it closer," it added.

So why now? "It's because it's about communication with journalists that we are able to introduce this feature," said Hong, Vice Minister of Facebook

Since last year, Facebook has published a sideshow about the adaptation of news, which makes enterprises pay more attention to the communication with acquaintances and family members than the content uploaded by the media. "If it was in the past, people who spread fake news would benefit," said Park Shangxian, Minister of publicity

"It's dangerous to tell you all the information," said seduraman's agent. "If you're told to leave, people with bad intentions can turn around and find ways to spread what they want.".

What is the order of the news materials.

Facebook ranks news seeds. This is known as the "seed list of news". According to the algorithm, users will view the arranged notice in turn. There are four factors in news seed ranking, such as △ stock △ signal △ forecast △ correlation score.

Implicit refers to all the notes uploaded by users' Facebook friends, groups, pages, etc. Although thousands of posts are piled up in the inventory every day, the number of Posts users can see is limited to hundreds. As a result, Facebook collects signals from users. Who uploaded the post? What kind of post is it? It's a popular post and so on. For example, if I post on zhezu, especially leave more comments on the photos, then Facebook will show you the photos uploaded by zhezu first.

Facebook predicts how users will react to posts in the news feed. In addition, make relevant scores on each post to reflect the order of news seeds. "There's a principle to ranking," said manager ceduraman. When news seeds see a post, they may have bad experience, but they should minimize their experience. "

In the future, if the user clicks the post and selects "the reason for this post display", he can know what signal he has sent to send this post. First of all, the post shows whether friends, joined groups, or watched pages are displayed. For example, just like "videos like OOo 3 days ago", users respond to a certain type of post. Although it's not very detailed, you can also set the relevant content separately so that you can see more or less.

The more "communication (good, message, etc)" is organized, the more posts a specific person has. Although it seems reasonable, there are also restrictions on convenient communication. A typical example is that some people may rest in Facebook activities and upload articles for a long time. In addition, if you only see a person's post because you are communicating with him on Facebook, then Facebook activity will soon become boring.

"Although it is a small part of the news seed, there is no connected content," said seduraman's agent. Not only recommend high-level content, but also provide friends, combinations, and content worth seeing on the page. In addition to frequent contacts, we also want to provide extended information.

"I have a full understanding of this opinion and want it to be balanced," said Park Shangxian, Minister of publicity A better direction is being considered.

The reason this post shows is that the feature was demonstrated in the United States in March. From the 17th, it will be expanded to a variety of countries, including South Korea. "This function is part of Facebook's investment and efforts to give users more context and control," said seduraman's agent. "In the future, we will continue to listen to feedback and improve the function.".