content to be uploaded to modern war and war zone

Posted by santillano at 2020-04-04

Check out the service call of infinite ward to multiple players: modern war and war mode.

The activation blog recently published an article pointing out this week's additions.

A new 6v6 will appear in the multiplayer mode of modern warfare. This map has been published in the second season roadmap. A new operator will also arrive in davarzona, with four new weapons.

Explore new battlefields with khandor hideout This medium-sized card in Syria takes over the game with 6v6, and has a long view and indoor space to supplement various battle fields.

Track your enemies and watch out for snipers shooting in alleys. The new card will be ready tomorrow, so get ready to play.

A new operator has joined the alliance, high heels. With his fierce dog on his heels, he was ready to fight. Sasquatch's skill is shown in the completion of high-heeled shoes, which is one of the objects of many high-heeled shoes. The package also includes two legendary weapons programs! Please visit this week's store and get the packing heel. It will be ready for use tomorrow.

With regard to warzone mode, four new weapons, 725, MK2 rifles, 50 GS and l'ebr-14 will be available as soon as they are updated on March 24. Pass these weapons through verdansk, in rare and unusual places, and then destroy the opponent.