comments and reflections on the movie philosopher.

Posted by fierce at 2020-04-04

So, good evening, ladies and gentlemen, You are still your loyal servant. You can observe the world of electronic innovation and technological progress in the field of computerization. I would like to say that smart phone replacement.

In our country, the market of this kind of electronic portable electronic products and smart phone products has been quite crowded with various kinds of products First of all, all the available machines are divided into two categories, three of which are bonus categories, This is affordable for all sectors of a society.

It's relatively expensive to sell cars full of a variety of options in the same line, However, the price level is relatively easy to get the average budget machine, but their price is far from low, so that they can get the average income in a month of social class. Up to 35000 rubles.

Although some of us, for the funny boy's doughnut, still decided to work for a few months and buy more gadgets than his salary. E

And almost everyone can enter the budget category, in my professional opinions and years of practice exchange and different technological innovation, almost no less than their own level. In technical parameters and equipment more expensive and more affordable for people. Although there are still big differences between the expensive and medium budget and the third category - of course, this is a technical component and composite material, which is made of one or another. Another gadget and technology chip exists, which is no budget difference.

Finally, the garland of engineering thinking, which is basically an incorrect calculation, more precisely, it is the fault of many manufacturers themselves, Who decides to put the already crowded world sales market in a quantitative advantage, rather than the quality of the super budget part of the smartphone.

In the following observation, people unconsciously began to think, and a kind of thinking process appeared in their mind. They analyzed the plot lines they used and thought about their way of life. What would you do in the case of offering to heroes!

Oh, yes, the movie is called "the lesson of philosopher's existence". At this point, I think it's strange to admit honestly that I didn't look at it carefully because of what it is. Distraction at the time.

However, my eyes are still focused on this wonderful art picture, which is only relatively new. Once again, I want to see something in my spare time, And it's not just for foolishly killing time, metaphorically, but for providing the brain with food for thought. Especially in the age when our technology is fully developed, sometimes we don't have the will to think about human beings, And the most important thing is yourself, if for some reason the inspiration of the atomic bomb happened on the earth?

To do this, each of them will come up with a document describing their future career or occupation, which is why they should refuse. The children have a very serious choice and give up all their feelings.

Therefore, the idea of film is a brilliant symphony, and everyone's creativity is the foundation of social development!

In fact, a 20 person philosophy group decides who is redundant in a bunker, which is a year after the nuclear war, with only 10 people. Different approaches have been taken to this pseudo philosophical task, each with a fatal flaw. Well, in fact, this is the end of philosophy, the beginning of the Enlightenment of human thought, morality, and even any meaning.

Think about it. The philosophy teacher asked the best student in the class if she knew what Apocalypse meant?

Yes, in order to know, you don't even need to be a philosopher! By the way, apocalypse is not a synonym for the end of the world, but an apocalypse. In contrast, it's something that's gradually hidden, I want to give you some time here, because I believe, Most of you have never connected to apocalyptic signs like this, which doesn't mean the end of the world, on the contrary, finding new things.

But go on, generally speaking, in this picture, the title should not be too literal, that the movie is about philosophers or philosophy. A very promising name, a very promising idea, in its potential, and a very weak realization. I am deeply disappointed by the film, as a philosopher, because I am not a complete philosopher, because I have not learned this subject, but what I want to say is, Who likes to analyze everything around, can use their own ideological power to find the key in any case, the plot line will like it.

In particular, if this is the case, it is actually an alternative reality that will be discovered by all mankind in the next few hundred years, Because we can destroy the stupidity of our anus. Therefore, I have no doubt that when I stand on the threshold of the nuclear holocaust, and with you, there are more than 20 people, including a teacher, you have no idea of his role, what he is. When I set the task conditions, I call myself "black horse".

But you know who is professional, only you decide who is who and who is doomed to die. What logic or human feelings can you accept? It's a problem, it's a problem of exercise, if you know it's tied to a track, close to a train, At the same time, a fat man standing a little further in the direction of the train, his weight can stop the train and will get off.

What are you going to do?

Would you sacrifice that fat man to save another compassionate person, or would you try to untie the rope so that you would die together?

In principle, human nature is such that we tend to do terrible things to save the people you sympathize with.

Well, basically, you can try to untie the rope, but the chances of dying under the train wheels are doubled. This is a complex situation, and we can imagine the same situation, But your three friends are tied to the tracks, and then all the fat people are standing near the train. You may have enough time to release a friend, but you can't let others. In this case, what would you do?

If you kill one, you run into a train, this is the last escape track, you save three people, or if you refuse to murder, let the train run into three of your acquaintances

Is it hard to answer?

OK, so this is another question: Those who respond to your request for assistance are already on the roof of the same skyscraper, but they are afraid of giving you magic, because they are afraid of falling, and finally, no one helps you, You go there and open your parachute safely. But you know the truth, no friends to help you.

So the question is, should you call your friends and check their confidence, or don't you want to know?

Well, to be honest, I can answer this question. It's to better understand the truth, rather than desperately hope that those I trust will help them in difficult times. Because, when we get to the point of victory, the top 90% of us have been helped by friends or relatives, brothers, for example, it's important for you, It's a promise that will help and happen, You really didn't expect, let alone expected relatives - he just couldn't be at the right time, you almost started from the moment you started.

Well, I've never been a very big loss in principle, and if that's true, I've come out of a relatively winning situation and it will happen again soon. I've lost enough critical state. You don't know what happened. E

But now I fully understand a simple thing, should not expect relatives to help our situation or at the right time.

But back to the movie plot and where we developed two kinds of massacres, the first one is to choose the children needed for a career, and wait for the tragic death like steel. The teacher plays that role, Who saved the rest and who didn't hit all of them. That's why other people are shocked that they have a plan to cheat the teacher and not take him to a bunker because they are worried about their lives.

In principle, I agree with them, because if he shoots the doomed person so coldly, he thinks his action is just to get rid of the painful death, What would stop him from doing that, and those in the bunker. But unfortunately, it was their first mistake to succumb to panic and human compassion. Because no one knew the code, which led to a year later when the food supply stopped and famine began, Then the cannibals, the last remaining survivors, died of inadequate food, water and oxygen, or demanded their salvation - killing them. After all, a group of students lost the first round to the teacher, but the story didn't end there, because he gave the students an update, just changed the conditions of the game, To be more precise, their profession has added defects or additional abilities, while the lucky ones are fewer, and they stay in their own profession.

This time, however, they were unable to logically form a chain of inquiry in the selection process, so the re formed bunker in Qatar resulted in an uncertain death of a group of survivors who were about to die. In a month's life.

Although the third philosophical person, or rather, a beautiful blonde Peter, plays the role of young actress Sophie Lowe and a student named James, who plays Reese Wakefield, A young man has an idea, Mr. zimmit's teacher, he plays a very good role, James arthy, has biased opinions, and accuses him, Because he didn't want to leave, but he stopped, because he realized a simple thing, he had a flaw, he was in Mr. zimmit's box, He is a farmer, at the same time, a homosexual gives him a chance, which is intentional, once again shows that he has no place in this class

A young man jumped onto the teacher's desk. There was a box on top of it. Mr. zimmit was running in front of him, but he didn't have time. James revealed the secret of a small box with a double bottom. Other pre prepared cards. It's pointless, although James put forward another philosophical theme, the coming revelation, and all the students are eager to participate, But he supported Peter Joni once again on the brink of a nuclear disaster, but on an unpolluted Island, with Peter's conditions, She decided to avoid teachers, take advantage of her female charm two steps in advance, and go against logic to recruit people with the wrong career, This will be crucial.

This undoubtedly infuriated Mr. zimmit, so he put all kinds of pressure on najerishka and even threatened to reduce his exam scores, but, alas, the girl continued her study. And, yes, in the end, after a year of bunkers, they were still the key to getting released, before Mr zimmit himself made a mistake, Because I underestimated a study of who has photo memory, she remembers unlocking code. E

However, the revelation of their existence, in other parts of the world, they still can not leave the island, because there is no carpenter

In principle, I like this story line very much and have a lot of thinking. Frankly, it's a decision that needs to be rational and calm.

In short, the art tape is worth your attention.

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