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Posted by punzalan at 2020-04-04

The latest Mandarin Kolosal Drama May 2019. In May 2019, there were some pretty interesting Drama Series recently leased. Among the interesting ones to watch are Listening Snow Tower and Princess Silver.

The following is the latest Mandarin Kolosal Drama May 2019:

1. Listening Snow Tower

Wuxia and Roman's serial drama during the 56 episodes was captured by Yuan Bingyan and Qin Junjie. Yuan Bingyan used to play in Drama Serial Ever Night (2018) as Mo Shan Shan. While Qin Junjie is famous in the 2016 Noble Aspirations series as Ceng Shu Shu

Hua Lian's Moon Sect leader has a weapon that can control the Blood Demon's mind, causing him to commit suicide. Blood Demon's daughter, Shu Jing Rong was then raised to be a student by Baidi.

Shu Jing Rong grew up with his cousins Qin Lan and Qing Yu and his favorite student Xue Gu named Xiao Yi Qing. Xiao Yi Qing is the son of the Chief Listening Snow Tower, Xiao Shi Hui.

2. Princess Silver

Roman and History Series drama throughout the 58 episodes were watched by Zhang Xueying and Aarif Rahman. Zhang Xueying was once Guo Xiang in the 2014 Romance Series of The Condor Heroes. Aarif Rahman was quite successful in playing in the 2014 Series The Empress of China as Li Zhi.

Rong Le, the daughter of the Western Qi kingdom has lost her memory. He was then sent to the Kingdom of Northern Lin to marry an alliance with Wu You, Prince of the Seventh Kingdom of Northern Lin. But Wu You refused Rong Le to enter his home.

Rong Le who couldn't return to the Kingdom of West Qi then went through the tea shop effort and changed his name to Man You. As Man You (Rong Le) met Wu You and fell in love without knowing each other's identities.

But then Rong Le got a new marriage arrangement with General Lin North, Fuchou to replace the previous failed alliance marriage.

3. Legend of The Phoenix

This historical romance series is in the stars of Jeremy Jones Xu and He Hong Shan. The Serial Drama of the 41 episodes has been shown in Tencent since May 28, 2019 and is scheduled to be completed on July 2, 2019.

This series separated about a girl named Ye Ningzhi who entered the palace and performed a circus show. Ye Ningzhi was then framed by the High Princess but succeeded in saving Wei Guang.

Two years later Ye Ningzhi came back to the Palace as Queen's servant. That's where he went back to meet Wei Guang and then they loved each other.

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