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Posted by barello at 2020-04-05

You don't know the IP address when setting up the IP address router for VM installation. It also has no IP address, so you can only access it through the MAC address. The default user name is admin, and the password is empty. For details, see this article,

Check the network card information, open the router and log in, then use / interface PRI in the shell, and then see two network cards WLAN and LAN

After winbox sets IP and opens winbox, enter MAC address, user name, admin, and password. Connect to the soft routing system in VMware

Click the button in the red box above to open the quick setting page. Then you need to configure the IP address and gateway of two network cards, one is WLAN IP and gateway, the other is LAN IP and gateway,

Here are two sentences about routing mode and bridging mode. I haven't done any experiments on computer network before, so I'm not good at this. I found some information on the Internet. I think it's easy to understand Id R = Spider & for = PC in order for my local IP to access the router, I set it as a network segment and IP as a static IP. Here, the IP of the Internet is set as, and the local network is set as another segment. My purpose is to be able to access it, then exploit its vulnerability, and click OK to save after setting

The scanning router has just been set up. Now we need to use nmap to scan it. It's not clear. We also need to collect the port information. This is the basic process. If your network is not clear, how do you collect the port information? If you don't collect the port information, how do you dig the hole? Next, the scanning results are shown in the figure above

The result is very satisfactory. There are 21 22 23 80 8291 2000 ports open, among which 8291 is the port that we use to connect with winbox for routing. 2000 looks like the port for testing router bandwidth. 80 port is very secure! Because routers generally have web services, and this system with only a dozen meters has web services. Open it and have a look

In general, there are functions in router, such as DNS, DHCP, etc. sparrow is small and has all five internal organs. It can blind my eyes and connect router console remotely

There are several key points in the red box. The user parameter is the FTP user name, and pass is the password. Why use the correct user name and password? It is related to the FTP protocol. Some FTP commands can only be used if you log in successfully. If you fill in the wrong user name and password, you cannot log in successfully. You can only fuzz the user and pass commands. If you want to go deep, you must log in later. So Here, the user name and password are set to be correct. The user name is set to 'admin', and the password is set to ''. Note that the password is set pass ", so that the password is empty, you can log in, and then the stepsize parameter. This is to set the step length of data growth. For example, the first packet sent is 100 characters. If you set stepsize to 200, then the second packet sent is 300 characters, and 200 characters are added each time

Perform expand after setting

If the router has an error message log, you can check it in the HTTP console. For example, if your user name and password are wrong when you are fuzzy, you will report an error in the console

After my whole afternoon of fuzzy struggle, HIA HIA HIA It's normal not to find a 0day. That's right. I've been fuzzy all afternoon. The FTP of this router has not found a small problem. It seems that it's going to shift its position The end of the split line article, sayannala