dirty dance: half naked woman of sochi arranges a drunken performance) video)

Posted by millikan at 2020-04-05

The end of the festival in March was the excitement of witnesses and the anger of users of social networks.

In a drunken state, a woman decided to show her coat and moose, and she began to dance.

Nearby men, they like it very much. Once, they decided to increase their attractiveness, trying to get from a woman's bra. Although at this time she woke up, "dancer" resolutely refused to expose again.

After deciding to conquer her audience, the woman tried to dance in tverk.

In social networks, this kind of behavior is not taken seriously, and it is pointed out that this kind of behavior is inappropriate in the public. And men, who bring them to women, are called impolite people.

Previously, the "living Cuban" wrote that drunk women cheated taxi drivers.

Published in the column of "10:33, March 10, 2020":

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