arrested nsa contractor stole 50tb of data

Posted by tzul at 2020-04-05

The U.S. government cited the theft of confidential information in August

Harold Thomas Martin III, former NSA contract worker, according to the

The prosecution expanded the charges against the contract worker. Federal investigators seized at least 50tb of data, at least part of which belonged to "defense information". If all the data belonged to confidential information, the data he stole far exceeded that of Edward Snowden, another former contract worker. Prosecutors say Martin will be charged with violating the espionage law, which was used to charge Chelsea Manning and Snowden, with the highest penalty of death. Martin has a top secret access license and is also accused of running software on his computer to access the Internet anonymously, leaving no digital traces on the computer. The software he uses may be tor or VPN, or the tails operating system that Snowden used.