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Posted by barello at 2020-04-05

economy • strength • durability • beauty Celebrating 35 years of being a proud supplier of quality engineered glued laminated timber products for the transportation industry. After a long wait the new Standard Plans for Glued-Laminated Timber Bridge Superstructures is going to the printers and will be available in January 2020. The Standards reflect the latest AASHTO LRFD Criteria and will be available as printed and digital download copies. Check back soon on how you can obtain your copy. Robert Treman State Park - Ithaca, NY Sometimes it’s nice just to appreciate where the structures are being built. CS designed a replacement to the historic Wildcat Road bridge over Wildcat Gully, which received an ACEC New York Platinum Award for Engineering Excellence and an APWA–Monroe County/Genesee Valley Branch Structures Project of the Year award. The steel Pratt Truss bridge was built in 1910, and had been closed to traffic for nearly a decade. It was initially scoped and budgeted for rehabilitation. Because it was a historic structure, CS provided sound engineering arguments to SHPO for replacement, proving that rehabilitation was not an option. The challenge was to design a superstructure with adequate strength, while ensuring the stability of the foundations on the erodible shale streambanks, all within a budget set for rehabilitation only. The existing 88-foot, single-lane truss was replaced with a 100-foot, steel superstructure with timber decking. Perched abutments were founded on drilled shafts to address the erodible shale concerns. While traffic volumes justified a one-lane bridge, the clear width was doubled to 20 feet to allow access for large farming equipment. The folks in Iowa will be installing sensors in both the abutments and bridge superstructure to record several performance parameters used to evaluate and understand the behavior of all the parts of the GRS-IBS abutments and bridge superstructure. We would like for you to watch the process and as always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.