secwiki weekly (issue 140)

Posted by fierce at 2020-04-05

Safety technology

[vulnerability analysis] memcached Command Execution Vulnerability (cve-2016-8704, cve-2016-8705, cve-2016-8706)

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[web security] Zhihu anti cheating system evolution

[web security] Java deserialization tool - Java deserialization exp tools

[Video] the topic of SSC summit, evolution of webshell, = =. HTML? Refer = pc-sns-1

[other] alienvault - open thread exchange

[mobile security] Android reverse modification kernel bypasses anti debugging P = 1442

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[document] black hat Europe 2016 slides

[device security] iotseeker: scan a network for specific types of IOT devices

[web security] IOT: Internet of things security test experience summary

[web security] same source method Execution Vulnerability mining

[forensics analysis] China's largest webshell backdoor case investigation, all open Damascus's troops are destroyed From = single message & isappinstalled = 0ා10006-weixin-1-52626-6b3bffd01fdde4900130bc5a2751b6d1

[operation and maintenance security] proxybroker:

[vulnerability analysis] mysql-maria-percona-privescrace-cve-2016-6663-5616-exploit

[vulnerability analysis] read files on application server, leads to rce of gitlab

Wechat? Redirect

[web security] backslash powered scanning: hunting unknown vulnerability classs

[web security] Multi Tool and multi-user HTTP proxy

[vulnerability analysis] dirty cow - (cve-2016-5195) - docker container escapee

[web security] front end black magic: using JS to detect remote users' antivirus software

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[mobile security] lookout released a 42 page technical document explaining Pegasus (3 IOS vulns)

[tools] the most popular penetration testing system for Linux distribution in 2016

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[operation and maintenance security] spark streaming + elasticsearch build app anomaly monitoring platform

[operation and maintenance security] unlimited risk control with limited information!

[vulnerability analysis] FIREYE 2016 flare on challenge solutions on_challenge.html

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[O & M security] Threat Intelligence 2012-2016 meeting notes

[book] U.S. Army commanders guide to human intelligence (HUMINT)

[web security] DOM basic XSS vulnerability in

[web security] opendoor: OWASP directory access scanner

[malicious analysis] the document incarnates the commercial Trojan horse. The analysis and traceability of "stealing God"

[paper] practical attacks against privacy and availability in 4G / LTE mobile communication

[document] rootkit analysis use case on hidedrv [PDF]

[web security] anti XSS: an open source XSS vulnerability scanner

[web security] share the sentence of some featureless PHP

[vulnerability analysis] ability to access all user authentication tokens, leads to rce of gitlab

[device security] badusb small try

[mobile security] appie: Portable Android penetration test kit

In this paper, the author analyzes the characteristics of

[operation and maintenance security] security issues to be solved by enterprises P = 452

[other] an experience shows how quickly the Internet of things can be hacked

[mobile security] how to take advantage of rowhammer vulnerability root Android mobile phone (including demo video + exploit source code)

[web security] IPS community suite PHP Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Analysis

[malicious analysis] the hookads malvertising campaign

[book] webusb API under editor's draftttps://

[document] en route with sednit Part 1: approving the target [PDF]

[device security] Ukraine power grid attack analysis 20161101 E4% B9% 8C% E5% 85% 8b% E5% 85% B0% E7% 94% B5% E7% BD% 91% E6% 94% BB% E5% 87% BB% E5% 88% 86% E6% 9E% 9020161101.pdf

[operation and maintenance security] Spark's practice in anti cheating clustering scenario

[web security] Command Execution Vulnerability caused by gitlab application server file read

[mobile security] awesome ADB: ADB usage complete / ADB usage complete

[forensic analysis] packet capture generator for IDS and regular expression evaluation UTM? Source = dlvr. It & UTM? Medium = twitter

[magazine] sec wiki weekly (issue 139)

[operation and maintenance security] route tracking procedure P = 1303

[malicious analysis] pornhub bypasses ad blockers with websockets

[vulnerability analysis] PWN a camera step by step (WEB ver.) 20A% 20camera% 20step% 20BY% 20step% 20% 28web% 20ver.% 29? = 14780566015650

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[document] bypassing antivirus with a sharp syringe

[web security] awesome static analysis: a curved list of static analysis toolsාpython