hackers found payment vulnerability paypal (pypl. us) fell more than 2% in front of the disk

Posted by millikan at 2020-04-05

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PayPal (pypl. US) fell 2.88% to $106.50 before trading on Wednesday, February 26, at 17:10 Beijing time.

According to a source, hackers found a vulnerability in PayPal's Google pay integration, allowing unauthorized payments.

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Why is loophole called BUG????

What is the English abbreviation of "loophole" in the game?

The short name of the vulnerability is bug. The reason why bug is short for bug is: 1. The original meaning of bug is "bug" or "bug". But now it refers to the abnormal function, crash, data loss, abnormal interruption and other phenomena caused by the error of the program itself in the software operation. People also call it "bug". What's the matter? 2. It turns out that the first generation of computers consisted of a lot of huge and expensive vacuum tubes, and used a lot of electricity to make the vacuum tubes glow. It may be because of the light and heat generated by the operation of the computer that a bug gets into a vacuum tube, causing the whole computer to fail to work. It took researchers half a day to find out why. After the bug was removed from the vacuum tube, the computer returned to normal. Later, the term bug was used to refer to errors, defects, loopholes or problems hidden in computer systems or programs. 3. Corresponding to bugs, people call the process of discovering and correcting bugs "debug", which means "catching bugs" or "killing bugs". Unfortunately, up to now, there is no exact word for "bug" in Chinese, so we can only directly quote the word "bug". Although some people use the word "bug" instead of "bug", it is easy to have ambiguity, so it cannot be popularized. 4. Later, bugs are used to explain those problems in many software tests. Intuition becomes the language "vulnerability" in software.

Abbreviation of vulnerability

The short name of the vulnerability is bug. Bug beauty [b ʌ] English [b ʌ] plural: Bugs present participle: bugging past tense: bugged 1, N. defect; bug; bug; bug; bug 2, V. install bug in (somewhere); bug (conversation); annoy; annoy 3, network: bug; error; vulnerability [extended data]: 1, the specifygon to clarify about relate to them, oritmayleave the mambiguous in which case, You've found a bug when the instructions may continue to be clear, elaborate on them, or in some cases leave them vague. 2. If I tried to draw a draft, the Yankees would be like a duck to a June bug. 3. But, having an integrated tailfeature can be valuable for developing to triageapproduction bug.

How to write "loopholes" in English

English of "loophole": leak; loophole read French English [Li ː k] us [Li ː k] 1, V. leakage; leakage; leakage; infiltration; leakage; leakage, disclosure (secret information); leakage 2, N. loophole; crack; gap; leaked liquid (or gas); (secret information) disclosure phrases: 1. Heat leak, 2. Leak rate, leakage rate, leakage rate, leakage rate, 3. Leak hunting, 4. Leak testing, leak testing, 5. Leak tightness; leakage tightness extension 1. The synonyms of leak: dripdrip reading French English [Dr ɪ P] us [Dr ɪ P] 1. V Drips, drips; (liquid) drips, leaks; fills; overflows, emits 2, N. water drops; drips; drippers, intravenous drips; drips; (informal) wimps, mediocre, boring people phrases: 1, drip irrigation; drips irrigation 2, intravenous drips 3, drip from Drip with drip with drip 5. Water drip drips 2. Analysis of word meaning of leak: drip, leak these words have the meaning of "drip, leak", the difference is: 1. Drip focuses on falling in the form of drips, which also refers to leakage or overflow. 2. Leak focuses on the leakage of liquid or gas from the container, or the leakage of information.

What is the 0day vulnerability?

The earliest crack of 0day vulnerability is software specific called warez. Later it developed to games, music, film and television and other content. 0 in 0day means zero, and the early 0day means that the cracked version will appear within 24 hours after the software is released. This meaning has been extended. It can be called 0day as long as the relevant cracking occurs within the shortest time after the software or other things are released. 0day is a general term. All cracking can be called 0day. The flaw of extended data vulnerability in the specific implementation of hardware, software, protocol or system security policy can enable the attacker to access or destroy the system without authorization. For example, the logic error in Intel Pentium chip, the programming error in earlier versions of sendmail, the weakness in authentication mode in NFS protocol, and the improper configuration of anonymous FTP service by UNIX system administrator may be used by attackers, threatening the security of the system. Therefore, these can be considered as security vulnerabilities in the system. The existence of loopholes can easily lead to the invasion of hackers and the presence of viruses, which will lead to data loss and tampering, privacy disclosure and even money loss. For example, if the website is invaded due to loopholes, the website user data will be disclosed, the website function may be damaged and even the server itself will be controlled by the intruder. In the development of digital products, loopholes have been extended from computers to digital platforms in the past, such as mobile phone QR code loopholes, Android application loopholes, reference: Baidu encyclopedia-0day loopholes reference: Baidu Encyclopedia loopholes

Why is game vulnerability called bug

What is the vulnerability of kb4489878

It is suggested that Tencent computer housekeeper repair the system vulnerabilities. The system vulnerabilities are often used by hackers to spread malicious programs (such as webpage mount horse). The system vulnerabilities must be repaired in time to effectively prevent the computer from being invaded by hackers when surfing the Internet. However, if the security software is installed and the vulnerability introduction seems not so serious, you can choose not to repair it. Windows system vulnerability refers to the technical defects existing in the development process of the operating system, which may cause other users to illegally access or attack the computer system without authorization. As a result, system developers usually release the latest patches every month to fix the newly discovered vulnerabilities. At present, Tencent computer manager supports the repair of Windows operating system vulnerabilities and some third-party software vulnerabilities.

How to find out the loopholes

How to detect the vulnerability of web server?

To find web server vulnerabilities in non customized products such as web servers, it is a good starting point to use an automatic scanning tool. Unlike custom products such as web applications, almost all web servers use third-party software, and countless users have installed and configured these software in the same way. In this case, using an automated scanner to send a large number of specially designed requests and monitor signatures representing known vulnerabilities can quickly and efficiently identify the most obvious vulnerabilities. Nessus is an excellent free vulnerability scanner, as well as a variety of commercial scanners, such as Typhon and ISS. In addition to the use of scanning tools, penetration testers should always conduct in-depth research on the software being attacked. At the same time, browse the security focus, the mailing list bugtrap, full disclosure and other resources to find all the recently discovered and not yet fixed vulnerability information on the target software. Also note that some web application products have an open source web server built in, such as Apache or jetty. Because administrators see servers as applications they install, not as part of the infrastructure they are responsible for, security updates for these bundled servers are also relatively slow to apply. In this case, the standard service title has also been modified. Therefore, the manual testing and research of the software can effectively identify the vulnerabilities that can not be found by automatic scanning tools.

How to see the language loopholes?