the penetration of dnc hackers is deeper than previously thought

Posted by tetley at 2020-04-06

July 26, 2016 18:47

Hackers have infiltrated the Democratic National Committee (DNC) more deeply than previously thought. According to the leaked DNC email from Wikileaks, which was sent on May 3, it was disclosed that Alexandra chalupa, a DNC consultant, was constantly warned of "strong suspicion that your account has become the target of state sponsored attackers" when logging in to a private Yahoo email. At that time, she was investigating the political and commercial exchanges between trump campaign chairman Paul manafort in Ukraine and Russia. Five weeks later, DNC officials admitted that its network had been hacked by Russian government backed hackers, investigating the theft of Trump's documents and private email. Chalupa's experience shows that hackers' penetration is not limited to DNC officials' official email accounts, but also their private email accounts. DNC points to the findings of Russia's security companies it employs.