according to the russian academy of sciences, the cost of those arrested at the moscow detention center is: company

Posted by tzul at 2020-04-06

Company, 28 × 2019, 13:05:

The average cost of one prisoner in the capital detention facility is $15500. Rouble In May, at the opening ceremony of the capital's public receptionist, Tatyana Minerva, receptionist Alan gazanov said. These data are provided by the office of the director general of the federal penalty enforcement agency of Moscow city.

"According to the accounting records, the federal budget covers the cost of holding a convicted suspect, the accused, Under the designated regional institutions, the average is 15511.14 rubles, including 2179.22 rubles for food, 253.92 rubles for medical treatment, 94 73 rubles - clothing supply fee; 8.73 rubles - release fee; 1457.70 rubles - welfare fee; 11516 rubles 84 rubles - staff wage costs, "this is the report in gazanov.

According to the head of public reception, this shows that the criminal execution system is underfunded. "Even assuming the most efficient use of the funds provided, To the extent of this amount, the possibility of solitary confinement of individuals is questionable. " -He pointed out at the meeting of the working group of the Ombudsman on "prospects for private detention in Russia".

Mineryev's business inspector said experts were studying a pilot project to set up a private detention facility for economic crime defendants in Moscow.