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Posted by tzul at 2020-04-07

What does the content mean? What does it mean that content is often used not only by media or movies on the Internet? The meaning of the content is that the pure dictionary meaning is the content or catalogue.

Not only does it have this kind of meaning, but also forms the intellectual property rights of multimedia services such as text information, video, audio and video^^

Network content mobile content or recently often produce one person video content, that is, no matter what form, all the content provided in the form of multimedia services ~! Uploading videos on YouTube is also content making, and making pictures or photos is also content!

Like this, it is not enough to explain the meaning of the content simply by the meaning of the dictionary. While digital or analog, it can be considered as the overall meaning of intellectual property ~! In order to promote real estate sales, make all the real estate, or to sell apartments or stores, issue promotional videos or brochures, etc. ~! It's also a kind of content production^^

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