open the mystery of dental disease and say goodbye to dentists

Posted by deaguero at 2020-04-07

Dental disease is closely related to our health. As an old Chinese saying goes, "pick a horse to pick a tooth, and pick a Lang to see a tooth.". It means that an experienced groom selects a good horse, first of all, it depends on its teeth. If you want to determine whether a person is healthy or not, you should also observe the condition of his teeth at first sight. The problem of one's teeth reflects one's internal health. Our teeth are not good, not only eating is not convenient and the appearance is not beautiful, but also all diseases are from the mouth. The bacteria and microbes living in the mouth will affect our health. According to the researchers, the oral cavity contains about 500 kinds of bacteria, some of which are harmful bacteria, which can cause infection and inflammation of teeth and gums. But these large-scale toxic bacteria do not stay in the mouth quietly, they will take the opportunity to follow the blood flow to all parts of the body. When they migrate, if we have insufficient immunity, they will infect the heart, kidneys, joints, nervous system, brain, eyes, and in fact, any organ, gland or other tissue. According to the research report, hundreds of different diseases may result.

People are accustomed to think that with dental disease, it is natural and even natural to go to the dentist. But can dentists really help you now? My personal experience tells me: in fact, dentists can offer very limited help, and the operation is painful, side effects are large, expensive, and may even have endless problems.

Spend money and suffer for answers:

The question of modern dentistry originated entirely from my personal experience. In the past, my teeth were not very good, sensitive and painful. Almost every tooth had different degrees of caries and gingivitis. I have done root canal treatment five times and opened my mouth. Most of my teeth have patches of fillings. I've seen dentists many times in the United States, and I began to believe and even adore the well-dressed dentists. Whenever there's something wrong with the teeth, I go to the dentists. The dentists usually take X-rays of your teeth, tell you how serious the disease is, and then make a treatment plan that sounds good to you, as if it can make your teeth disappear and regenerate. But the problem comes after a long time. You will find that the biggest and only skill of these dentists is to repair your teeth, or prescribe some anti-inflammatory drugs. But your dental disease is still continuous, and you will still run to the dental clinic endlessly. If you ask a dentist how to prevent dental disease, their only word is that you should brush your teeth well. Dentists blame almost all dental problems on not brushing their teeth well, which is actually the most untenable explanation.

American Dental mystery Pioneer:

Dr. price was once famous in the United States, even in the position of president of the American Dental Association. He first questioned the treatment of modern dentistry and thought that food nutrition played an important role in the occurrence of dental diseases. In order to verify his point of view, he once traveled all over the world and collected a lot of data. In 1938, he wrote the famous scientific masterpiece "nutrition and physical degradation".

Dr. price is called "Darwin" in the field of food nutrition. In practice, he found that there were more and more patients with tooth decay and other dental diseases in dental clinics. According to some research reports, the teeth of Aboriginal people living in primitive tribes isolated from modern civilization were particularly good, and dental diseases were rare. What's more, these Aboriginal people did not know what it was to brush their teeth, nor had they ever seen a dentist. In order to find out the reason, he made a hard journey of exploration. He has traveled all over the world and investigated 14 parts, including the Outer Hebrides, Eskimos, North American Indians, South China Sea Islanders of Melanesia and Polynesia, African tribes, Australian Aborigines, Maori of New Zealand and Gail community of Indians in South America. In many primitive tribes' investigations, Dr. price found that those healthy primitive tribes had beautiful, strong teeth, almost no dental disease, and had strong resistance to disease, all of which originated from their traditional diet.

In sharp contrast to the traditional food of primitive tribesmen, we modern people eat the food lacking in nutrition: white sugar, white rice, white noodles, sterilized milk, and convenient food full of various additives.

His investigations all over the world clearly show that the decayed teeth, crooked teeth and hypoplasia of dental arch in modern people are a sign of physiological degradation, and the root of which is the lack of nutrition in modern food. This shows that with the industrialization of human society, our food structure and nutrition have changed greatly.

According to the study, Dr. price concluded that healthy teeth need some nutrients to build. The main cause of caries and tooth disease is lack of nutrition, which leads to the formation of enamel and low immunity, so that it is gradually invaded by bacteria. The healthy diet of primitive tribes provided protection and disease resistance to caries. The transition of human beings from nature to modern civilization and the acceptance of "modern commercial food" have resulted in disastrous results. If modern people want to survive better, they must integrate the nutrition and wisdom of primitive tribal people into their modern life style.

Unfortunately, 70-80 years later, Dr. price's theory has not been paid enough attention, or even in dust. The reason is very simple. Modern people can't go back to the simple and healthy diet of the past. Moreover, due to the limitation of technology, Dr. price knew that some vitamins or some nutritional factors in food were related to the prevention of dental disease, but they were not specifically separated, so it was named "factor X". In recent years, studies have confirmed that the so-called "x factor" is vitamin K2

Self exploration is hard and sweet:

So I began to explore a way to treat dental disease through nutrition. According to Dr. price's theory, there must be one or several nutrients in food related to the fight against dental disease. The key is how to find them. Because the pharmaceutical technology in the United States has been very developed, it can produce various vitamins, minerals and so on. So I began to explore the effects of these nutrients on myself according to the information provided by the medical literature in the past, and God did not take pains to find out this method step by step. Just take 2-3 special vitamins and minerals every day to keep your teeth healthy forever. Later in the article, I will decipher this simple and effective vitamin therapy.

Since using this method, I have found that all the dental symptoms that make me have a headache have gradually disappeared, the bacterial infection of the teeth has been removed, the teeth and gums have begun to self repair, and even the three teeth that the American dentists said have been seriously damaged and are about to face root canal treatment have returned to normal. In the past, some fillings began to fall off due to too long time, so I totally ignored them and allowed them to repair naturally. I haven't seen a dentist again in the past eight years. I've completely stopped my dental insurance, which saves a lot of dollars a year. My goal now is not to see a dentist for life! I often lament how much money and pain I would have saved if someone had told me such a way!

The prevalence of dental diseases cannot be ignored:

There are so many dental clinics in the United States that you can see several in every street. Even when I visit an American aircraft carrier, there are three dental clinics on it. According to statistics, American dentists pulled out 15 million teeth in World War II. Now the income of American dentists is very considerable. According to the official statistics, the average annual income of American dentists is 160000 dollars. They are always at the top of the high-income group in the United States, no doubt the hot and spicy people.

There are more dentists in the United States. One of the root causes is that there are more dentists in the United States. According to the survey report of American authoritative health organization in 1999-2002, the incidence of dental disease in American is increasing with the increase of age. The incidence of dental disease is 87% in the 20-39-year-old population and 95% in the 40-59-year-old population. In 2012 alone, the cost of dental care for all Americans was $111 billion, which was staggering. There are two kinds of common dental diseases: caries and periodontal diseases, which account for at least 90% of all dental diseases. Particularly noteworthy is periodontal disease. According to the American Dental Association, periodontal disease has replaced caries as the most common cause of tooth loss in middle-aged people. The disease has an impact on 85% of people over 60 years old, which is closely related to systemic diseases. Because the onset of the disease is silent, and the lesions develop under the gum, which is hard to see by the naked eye, it is also known as "silent epidemic". In fact, the biggest characteristic of caries and periodontal disease is that it starts in a concealed way and develops in a concealed way. There are almost no symptoms in the early and middle stages. It is easy for patients to become numb and allow their development. The common problem of the Chinese people is that they don't take dental disease seriously. They think that they can't die anyway, and they can drag on until they have toothache and loose teeth. Until the end of the drag, most of the dental diseases are already pulpitis. The bacteria are deep in the pulp cavity, which is very difficult to treat. The final result is root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

Experts believe that dental diseases are not limited to only affecting your oral health, but also closely related to other diseases of the body. These diseases usually include: (1) endocarditis. Endocarditis is an infection of the lining of your heart. Endocarditis usually occurs when bacteria from other parts of the body, such as your mouth and teeth, spread through the blood and attach to areas of your heart that are damaged. (2) Cardiovascular disease. Some studies have shown that heart disease, artery occlusion and stroke are related to inflammation and infection caused by oral and dental diseases. (3) Some studies have linked periodontitis to premature delivery and low birth weight. (4) Diabetes. Diabetes reduces the body's resistance to gum infection. Gum disease is more frequent and severe in patients with diabetes. Studies have shown that patients with gum disease are more difficult to control their blood sugar levels. (5) Osteoporosis. It has been found that osteoporosis is always associated with periodontal bone loss and tooth loss, which may be related to specific vitamin deficiency. (6) Alzheimer's disease. Tooth loss before age 35 is usually a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease.

There are many disadvantages in dental surgery:

At present, the most commonly used treatment methods of dentists are nothing more than washing, filling, extracting, root canal treatment, porcelain teeth, planting teeth, etc., but in fact, these treatment methods are all treating the symptoms without treating the root, and can not eradicate your dental disease. Let me join you:

Although the bacteria and lesions in the teeth are removed, the health of your whole mouth and teeth is not improved, and the bacterial base is still intact, so the bacteria will attack other parts continuously, and your caries will continue to occur. It is necessary to drill teeth before filling teeth. While removing the lesions, dentists will inevitably drill some normal teeth. For deep cavities, dentists often face a dilemma. If they drill deep, they may hurt the pulp. If they drill shallow, they may not be able to completely remove the lesions. After filling, caries will continue to develop under the dental materials. The current tooth filling technology is not perfect, and the color of the material is difficult to keep the same with the color of the tooth itself. The joint of the two is the place where the pigment deposits most easily, so it is useless to brush the teeth vigorously. And the material that mends up for a long time is easy to fall off. If mending again, the dentist will drill a bigger hole. After mending several times, the teeth will become fragile.. In addition, for a long time, dentists generally use a kind of silver mercury dental material, mercury is a toxic heavy metal, the harm to human body is self-evident. The old view was that single mercury was difficult to be absorbed by human body, but the new research found that during the chewing process, trace mercury vapor would continue to diverge and be absorbed into the whole human body. It is worth mentioning that the harm of mercury to the fetus is far greater than that of adults. If you are a woman in childbearing period, you should be very careful, because Mercury is very harmful to the development of the fetus. In recent years, there are more and more autistic children, and research shows that Mercury is undoubtedly a major culprit. Many developed countries in Europe have explicitly banned the use of silver mercury dental fillings. The United States suggests that the use of mercury containing dental fillings should be cautious, and new fillings such as composite resin should be used instead. Now many Western patients even spend money to remove the mercury containing dental materials from their mouths in order to be healthy. However, amalgam dental materials are still popular in China, and no one in the health sector has questioned and objected.

Tooth extraction, although the root of a tooth is removed, but you lose a valuable tooth and the chewing function of this tooth. If it is the front tooth, it will seriously affect the appearance, and the empty tooth position will lead to the loss of support and inclination of the two teeth, while the relative tooth will gradually grow too long due to the loss of balance. The key is that your other teeth are still in poor condition, the infection of dental disease is still developing imperceptibly, and your teeth will continue to be pulled out.

Root canal therapy sounds better, but actually it's not so good. After the nerves and blood vessels have been removed from your teeth, all you have left is a dead tooth with no surface. The dead tooth will gradually become fragile and prone to defects, so you have to take a crown or braces to protect it. The procedure is expensive, painful and destructive. The key is that this treatment still does not solve the root cause of dental disease. With the development of dental infection, your other teeth will continue to be root canal treated. There is no doubt that today's root canal therapy has been abused. Most patients who go to the dentist because of toothache will be required to use root canal therapy. In fact, most root canal treatments are avoidable and unnecessary, but no one tells the patient the truth. In addition, some studies in the United States have found that this method has many side effects and potential hazards. Dr. price, the former president of the American Dental Association, has made a long-term study on the harm of root canal therapy in the last century, which is recorded in more than 1000 pages of research reports. The main findings are as follows: most of the dead teeth after root canal treatment will become the harbors of bacteria. About 2 / 3 of the surgical patients, when their immune system is damaged due to diseases, accidents, malnutrition, mental stress and other reasons, their bodies will gradually appear various kinds of problems. But because the disease often occurs several years later, it is difficult to trace back, so patients will continue to see doctors, in despair to find the cause of the disease. Since root canal therapy has such a large potential risk, why is it still popular? After retirement, Dr. George Meining, a famous American dentist and one of the founders of the American root canal therapy association, discovered his conscience and published the book root canal cover up, which revealed to the public and health professionals the truth that root canal therapy may cause serious diseases. He said that the root canal therapy is popular because of the dental system in the United States. American dentists are basically private clinics with absolute right of speech. Their personal interests determine that dentists will hide the risks of root canal therapy from patients and boast about its benefits. Otherwise, how can they make money?

Porcelain teeth (here refers to the beauty crown) is a very popular treatment method at present. It can immediately change the appearance of your teeth and make them white and beautiful, which is its attraction. The American medical insurance company refused to pay a cent for the cosmetic operation. But at the same time, there are some disadvantages and risks that can not be ignored. Porcelain teeth surgery is an invasive and irreversible process. During the operation, the surface of your teeth will be polished, the enamel layer will be removed (and the enamel will never regenerate), and then the braces will be put on. In fact, the damage to your teeth is huge. To make a metaphor, it's like picking off the skin of a tree, putting on a layer of nice iron, and then declaring what a beautiful tree it is. But who knows the pain of the tree? Of course, this operation may bring you a series of problems and sequelae, such as infection, chronic bacterial infection and plaque, halitosis, periodontal disease, secondary caries and other complications. It may make your teeth sensitive, black gums, loose teeth, and uneven teeth colors. In addition, if the braces are broken and loose, the operation must be done again. The key point is that this operation still doesn't fundamentally improve the poor condition of your whole oral teeth, so you will continue to make porcelain teeth for the rest of your life.

Dental implant is also a common treatment to solve the problem of tooth loss, but this kind of operation is not only expensive, but also has side effects that can not be ignored. It is better for patients to know the possible risks of surgery before deciding whether to operate. Simply put, the possible side effects and potential risks of dental implant are: bacterial infection, immune rejection, nerve injury, titanium allergy, fluoride corrosion of titanium and so on. In addition, the main disadvantage of this operation is still that it does not solve the problem of bad tooth condition and bacterial infection. If your periodontitis persists, dental implants are not permanent. Continuous periodontal disease infection will always cause the loss of bone bed around the teeth. As a result, expensive dental implants will eventually fall off as if they were planted in the sand.

Let's talk about tooth washing. It's the most commonly used dental treatment. In the United States, it's normal for everyone to wash their teeth twice a year. As soon as you enter the American Dental Clinic, you will be washed if you are caught. Because of the huge demand, American schools have the specialty of dental hygienists, and dental clinics also provide a large number of positions of dental hygienists. In the past, there was no profession of dental hygienist in China. Dentists did it all by themselves. I don't know how it is now. In fact, thousands of animals in the world don't need to wash their teeth. Why do humans need to wash their teeth alone? It's strange that we often go to the dentist to wash our teeth, which is likely to do more harm than good. First of all, the oral cavity is the gateway to the outside world, and bacteria can enter and leave freely, so the so-called elimination of oral bacteria is basically futile. In fact, scientists have found that the bacteria that cause dental disease are ubiquitous, known as the Eubacterium, which means that everyone's mouth will have them. In fact, the survival of human beings is inseparable from bacteria. According to the research, there are 100 trillion bacteria in the living human body. Although cleaning teeth can remove some bacterial tartar, but because of the use of metal tools, the process of cleaning teeth will damage the most important protective layer on the tooth surface - enamel, as well as gingival tissue, bleeding is inevitable, oral bacteria can take the opportunity to enter the human body, leading to infection. It is impossible to completely clear the teeth and bacteria in the gum. So the tooth washing process is like American weeding, just cutting the grass short, but the grass root is still there, and soon bacteria will flourish like new grass. In the process of tooth washing, dentists usually polish and polish the tooth surface, but now the research finds that this step is unnecessary, not beneficial, but harmful, because it will polish the enamel on the tooth surface, which is why patients often have hypersensitivity symptoms after tooth washing. So the effect of tooth washing is very limited. Of course, I'm not saying that it's useless to wash your teeth, but if you need to wash your teeth every six months to clean up your plaque, it means that there are serious problems in your teeth maintenance and they need to be corrected. Most importantly, if the dentist does not strictly disinfect the dental tools, it is easy to spread many diseases through the blood. Here are just a few sensational events in recent years: in July 2015, the Department of health of NSW, Australia, disclosed that 11000 patients who came to see a doctor here may have contracted HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B due to the illegal operation of two Sydney dental clinics. In November 2014, about 22000 dental patients in England were urged to report the results of blood borne HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C tests because of improper treatment of infection control by their dentists. In 2013, a dentist in Oklahoma failed to fully disinfect the medical equipment, resulting in more than 7000 people falling into the threat of HIV, hepatitis virus and other infectious diseases. In fact, only God knows how many infections are caused by dental clinics. Because scattered and small-scale infections cannot be verified and traced at all, only a large number of concentrated infections will attract the attention and investigation of relevant departments. Worryingly, China's dental clinics have almost never reported the number of infections caused by dental treatment, suggesting that the matter is likely to be left unattended and unregulated.

Dentists will often prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers to patients. Although they can temporarily relieve inflammation and pain in many cases, they are still expedient. Bacteria will eventually return. It has been proved that anti-inflammatory drugs have no effect on severe periodontitis and pulpitis caused by tooth decay. In addition, the frequent use of antibiotics in patients with dental disease will lead to the abuse of antibiotics, which will cause the spread of drug-resistant bacteria and more health problems.

The state of dentistry is distressing:

From this, we can see clearly that the dentists can only deal with the dental diseases that have occurred at most, repair and repair, relieve the pain, but completely ignore the root cause of the dental diseases. It is not active prevention and treatment of dental disease, but passive repair. Of course, your dental disease will continue to develop. There is no doubt that all the current treatment methods of dentists are to treat the symptoms but not the root causes. This is the sad situation of the whole dentists!

At this point, I can't help feeling the failure of our dental education. At present, the whole dental situation is that the patients' teeth are constantly rotten, the dentists are constantly repairing the patients, and the patients are constantly falling into the repeated strange circle of "paying for the crime". More than two thousand years ago, the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic put forward that "the top doctors treat the disease, the traditional Chinese medicine treat the desire for disease, and the bottom doctors treat the disease". That is to say, the most skilled doctors are not only those who treat the disease, but those who are good at disease prevention first. The key to the prevention and treatment of dental diseases is to strengthen the teeth by nutrition and keep them dense outside the body, making it difficult for bacteria to invade. It can be seen that our Dental College should always emphasize the principle of prevention over treatment. The first book for dental students to learn should be "preventive dentistry", rather than just training themselves to be a dental repairer. At present, the dentists trained from the ivory tower of the Dental College only know how to read the books, lose the ability to think independently and challenge the old knowledge concepts, only know how to follow the rules and regulations, and concentrate on making money, and follow the old path of predecessors all their lives.

In addition, we need to sigh that the vast majority of patients with dental disease lack the basic knowledge of dental disease and the ability of self reflection. Almost all patients with dental disease are born with brainwashing: "if you have dental disease, you must see the dentist!" (of course, this sentence is not all wrong), because ignorance and constant brainwashing make countless dental patients always unconditionally hand over their teeth to the dentist, even though they still think it's necessary to spend money and suffer. Instead of trying to prevent dental disease, we spend money on repairing broken teeth and dealing with various sequelae. I always lament the side effects of my bad teeth and treatment, but I never think why it is and how to seek change. In today's Internet age, information is so developed. Don't completely believe in the so-called authority. Please think with your own brain.

The prevention and treatment of dental disease is simple and effective:

Shallow caries, generally no symptoms, no response to exploration. At the initial stage, chalky plaque caused by demineralization appeared on the smooth surface, and then it was yellowish brown due to coloring, and the pit and groove were infiltrated and diffused, generally without obvious caries cavity.

Medium caries, caries has reached the shallow dentin, clinical examination has obvious caries cavity, there can be pain detection, external stimulation (such as cold, hot, sweet, acid and food embedding) can have pain response, when the stimulus source is removed, the pain immediately disappears, no spontaneous pain.

Deep caries, caries damage has reached the deep dentin, generally manifested as large and deep caries cavity, or entrance small and deep have more extensive damage, the response to external stimulation is more serious than medium caries, but after the removal of the stimulation source, it can still immediately relieve pain, no spontaneous pain.

Now, let me decipher this simple and effective vitamin therapy. According to the current research, the occurrence of caries requires three conditions: (1) the existence of caries bacteria; (2) the environment and food where bacteria live; (3) the fragile and defective teeth. These three conditions must be met at the same time, caries can be active development, otherwise it will change to a static state.

In short, the treatment is mainly divided into two parts: the first step is external treatment, i.e. using a tooth punch to remove bacteria and bacteria food from the teeth; the second step is internal treatment, i.e. taking vitamin K2 + D3, plus calcium and magnesium, to strengthen your weak teeth. We usually brush our teeth and use the tooth punch to destroy the first and second conditions of caries development, while vitamin K2 and D3 are the third conditions to block the development of caries.

First, the function and use of the tooth punch are discussed. The toothbrush we usually use can remove the bacteria on the tooth surface, but the serious disadvantage is that it can not remove the bacteria and infections between the teeth and under the gum, and the tooth punch is to make up and enhance the toothbrush's lack of function. The root cause of dental disease is the bacteria that keep growing in the gap between teeth and gums. The tooth punch is a powerful tool for the treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease. It can wash and remove the bacteria and residues in the gap between teeth and gums with the help of water. This step is very important. It is the first step for surgeons to use clean saline to wash and clean the bacteria and infections in the infected skin wounds. Tooth punch is not only a treatment tool, but also a diagnostic tool. If you find abnormal sensation in some parts during tooth washing, you can basically judge there is pathological change and need treatment.

The use method of the tooth punch is relatively simple, that is, put the nozzle of the tooth punch at the junction of teeth and gums to move and wash. Note that the tooth punch nozzle should move over the teeth, about 1-2 mm from the gums. If it moves over the gums, it is easy to damage the delicate gums. First wash the outside of the teeth, then put the nozzle on the inside of the teeth for the same washing. When washing, it is important to wash the painful and bleeding parts (because the non painful parts are usually relatively healthy teeth). The size of the punch can be adjusted, and it is better to use a larger punch as much as possible. If you find the pain unbearable, you can reduce the momentum.

At the beginning, it is generally better to use warm salt water, and the salt concentration should be moderate. At the beginning of washing, the tooth pain may be temporarily aggravated, or even increased bleeding, which are normal phenomena. Hold on for about 1-2 weeks, the bleeding pain will gradually stop, and then start to recover. Usually within 1-2 months, the pain and bleeding symptoms will gradually recover. When using the tooth punch, it should be close to the water pool. Put the nozzle into the mouth first and then turn on the switch to wash, so as to prevent splashing.

I mainly use the Waterpik tooth punch in the United States. The company claims that its tooth punch can remove 99.9% of plaque and improve gingival health by more than 50%. It sounds a bit like an advertisement, but after a large number of patients with dental diseases use it, they found that the dental rinser can significantly remove your plaque and improve the gingival health is indeed an indisputable fact.

It is also known as dental floss. As the name implies, it can replace ordinary dental floss. Ordinary floss may be a good thing to clean the teeth, but the disadvantage is that it is time-consuming and laborious for ordinary people to use, and it is difficult to operate, and because it is too thin and careless, it is easy to cut the gums and cause bleeding infection. If you have cavities, you can't get rid of the bacteria because the floss can't get in. The effective part of floss cleaning is mainly the crevices. If you want to clean other parts of the teeth, you will be unable to do it. If you have porcelain teeth or fillings, it is easy to hang the floss carelessly, resulting in falling off. Be sure to pay attention. However, if you replace floss with a tooth punch, without these concerns, you will feel relaxed and comfortable when using it, and you will get half the result with twice the effort.

Many people have a misconception that it is very troublesome to use a tooth punch. This is not the case. Most people, in most cases, only need to wash for 2-3 minutes every day. After getting used to it, it feels more convenient than brushing your teeth. You don't need toothpaste, you don't need to work hard. Move the tooth cleaner gently, and your teeth will be fresh and clean.

Please refer to the video for the use of the tooth punch:

Sprite tooth punch (instructions for use)

Let's talk about taking vitamin K2 + D3, plus calcium and magnesium, to promote the recovery and regeneration of diseased teeth. As the saying goes, "flies don't bite eggs that are not sewn.". It's the same with the occurrence of dental disease. The real healthy teeth can't be broken by bacteria. The infection of decayed teeth always occurs first in those teeth which are lack of nutrition, poor maintenance and loose enamel surface. People with severe dental disease sometimes lose a piece of teeth when chewing, which shows how crunchy their teeth are. As the saying goes, "iron needs to be hard on its own". The same is true for protecting teeth. If you want to stay away from dental disease, you need to pay attention to nutrition, improve immunity, and make teeth strong, both inside and outside, impeccable. Vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 have such magical effects.

In my own dental treatment process, I now mainly use vitamin K2 + vitamin D3 produced in the United States. In addition, I also take minerals containing calcium and magnesium or drink more bone soup every week. It is worth mentioning that the supplement of magnesium is also an important part of the prevention and treatment of dental diseases. It is better to supplement magnesium chelate, also known as Magnesium Glycinate, because the intestinal absorption rate is much higher than other magnesium agents. The synergistic effect of vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 will promote the growth, repair and strengthening of teeth. This is a process of moistening things silently and gradually recovering. After 3 months of administration, the symptoms of dental disease will gradually disappear and obviously recover. After 6 to 12 months of administration, the dental disease can be basically completely cured. Insist on using, the teeth will not have new caries, in the old caries affected area, will form a dense protective layer, stop the development of insect teeth. Because the healing process is gradual and imperceptible, many people still can't believe it after their teeth are better. They can't help asking themselves: is it the role of vitamins?

But I must emphasize that the above vitamin therapy is mainly to stop the development of caries and prevent the occurrence of new caries. However, for caries (except for shallow caries), the original shape changes caused by caries, such as the pit defect of teeth, can not be completely recovered, or restored to the original state, but will leave scars after healing, just like scars left by skin wound healing. So the best way is to use vitamin K2 + D3 as early as possible to prevent the occurrence and expansion of any possible caries and periodontal disease, and to block the tooth disease at the initial source.

This treatment method is especially suitable for patients with serious dental disease and self-conscious symptoms, such as toothache, bleeding, tooth sensitivity after contact with hot and cold sweet and sour food, etc. when you use the above vitamin therapy, you will obviously feel the improvement and relief of symptoms within 1-3 months, which greatly increases your confidence. So if a family wants to try this method, they should first choose the patients with the most obvious dental symptoms. For the patients without obvious symptoms, although they also benefit from the treatment, it is difficult to feel the changes brought by the treatment. They can only observe through the records of dentists, or find that their teeth keep in good condition for a long time after taking vitamins. Another method of proof is the "counter evidence method". Some patients with dental diseases feel that their teeth are good after taking vitamins, so they stop taking vitamins. As a result, the symptoms of dental diseases begin to rebound again after a period of time. This proves the effect of vitamin on dental disease from another direction.

The combination of the two treatment methods is complementary and indispensable. It is the first step of treatment that the effect of dental irrigator is fast, and the effect of vitamin is slow, which is the follow-up and consolidation of dental treatment. If you have dental disease, I hope you can try the above treatment for 2-3 months before you decide to see the American dentist, because the price is only 1 / 5-1 / 10 of the dentist's fee.

***It's important to note that if you've had toothache for a long time, and bacteria enter the pulp and become pulpitis, it may be too late to use this method, and vitamin therapy will take some time to take effect. Because the bacteria are hidden in the pulp cavity, which is difficult to kill, the general treatment will be very difficult. If it's a toothache patient, it's better to see the dentist first!

K2, D3 teeth fixing treasure

In fact, the construction of teeth is always in a dynamic process, a certain amount of tooth tissue is absorbed every day, and a considerable amount of tooth tissue synthesis, the two maintain a balance. When tooth absorption is greater than tooth formation, tooth loss will occur, resulting in tooth loosening. The metabolism of teeth is regulated by many factors in the body, such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, endocrine hormones and vitamins. When these factors are abnormal, it can cause the disorder of tooth growth. Under the high-power microscope, the surface of healthy teeth is covered with enamel crystals like a piece of fine armor, protecting the teeth. However, on the surface of teeth lacking nutrition, the arrangement of enamel crystals is scattered and loose, with honeycomb like holes, which are easy to be attacked.

Doyce, an American scientist, first discovered vitamin K2 and won the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine in 1943. Vitamin K2 is the key to build strong teeth. It helps the dentin produce osteocalcin and its role is to help deposit calcium and other minerals into the enamel. Vitamin K2 is a new term for many people, but in the field of Western nutrition, the research on vitamin K2 is in full swing. A large number of studies have found that vitamin K2 has many benefits. Most of its benefits focus on helping to strengthen bones and teeth, as well as preventing atherosclerosis and keeping blood vessels healthy. The key is the role of vitamin K2 in calcium metabolism. In this regard, vitamin K2 helps remove calcium from blood vessels and transport it to the bones and teeth to which it belongs. Previous studies have suggested that high cholesterol is associated with coronary heart disease, but new research has found that calcium deposition in blood vessels may be the more important cause of coronary heart disease. If there is not enough vitamin K2 in the body, a large amount of calcium will be blocked in the blood. When there is too much calcium in the blood, vascular atherosclerosis or calcification will occur, and when there is too little calcium in the bone, osteoporosis will occur again.

Not only that, but also some new researches have found that vitamin K2 can prevent and cure a series of other diseases, such as skin wrinkles and sagging, varicose veins, caries, diabetes, kidney disease, prostate cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and so on.

It's a good idea to eat foods rich in vitamin K2 at ordinary times, but in fact, it's hard for most people to do so. In addition, from an economic point of view, the cost of food supplement is too high. For example, the price of a pound of cheese in the United States is generally higher than that of a bottle of vitamin K2. A bottle of vitamin K2 can be eaten for 3-4 months, while a pound of cheese can only be eaten for 1-2 weeks. So taking vitamin K2 products is the choice of most ordinary Americans.

Here I want to explain the difference between vitamin K2 and vitamin K, because many people think they are the same thing. In fact, vitamin K is commonly referred to as vitamin K1, which is completely different from vitamin K2. Vitamin K is a group of vitamins, including K1, K2, K3, K4 and K5. Among them, vitamin K2 is involved in the regulation of calcium metabolism and plays a protective role in preventing osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. In recent years, vitamin K2 has been found and began to be produced on the market. Vitamin K1, whose main clinical role is to promote the synthesis of prothrombin in the liver, plays a role in hemostasis..

It is strongly recommended that English based people Google the information about vitamin K2 in the treatment of dental diseases, and a lot of relevant information will be found.

Vitamin D3 is mainly obtained from the sun exposure on the skin. Experts generally think that the sun exposure is about 30 minutes at noon every day In order to get the D3 needed by the human body. But if you live in the north, because the UV is not strong, even the sun effect is limited. The survey found that the lack of vitamin D3 in modern people is mainly due to the lack of skin exposure to sunlight. When God created man, human beings were naked, living in the wild, and their skin was fully exposed to the sun, so they naturally did not lack D3. But modern people's life style has changed a lot. They wear clothes and hats, live indoors. Even if they go out occasionally, they are afraid of the sun. Where is your vitamin D3 from?. Modern women especially lack vitamin D3, because they love white and beauty, are afraid of sunburn, and always wear hats, umbrellas and sunscreen. In addition, many people also found the genetic variation of vitamin D receptor (VDR). Because these people can not effectively combine vitamin D, they must take more than the standard vitamin D to make up.

Because of the popularity of vitamin D3 in recent years, Americans began to take a lot of vitamin D3. According to statistics, the sales volume of vitamin D supplements in the U.S. market increased more than 10 times from 2002 to 2011: from more than $40 million to more than $600 million. In order to find out whether the vitamin D3 in our body is deficient or not and whether the level is high or low, the detection of blood vitamin D3 level is also popular in the United States, mainly for the detection of serum 25 hydroxyvitamin D concentration. Because the influence of vitamin D on health has been paid more and more attention, the detection of vitamin D level has been included in the routine physical examination items in the United States. The author tested vitamin D3 once before, and the level was significantly lower than the normal value (the normal value in the United States is 30-100ng / ml), and now it is back to normal.


At this point, some thoughtful readers may ask why other people still have healthy teeth without taking vitamins? Why do I have to take vitamins? This raises an important question. Now, it is found that the normal flora of human intestine can produce part of vitamin K2, providing physiological needs. However, due to congenital or postnatal reasons, and the widespread abuse of antibiotics today, some people will have the problem of intestinal flora imbalance, unable to produce enough vitamin K2, leading to caries. In fact, there are a lot of people suffering from intestinal flora disorder, which is conservatively estimated to account for 3% of the general population. Intestinal flora disorder will make dental treatment more difficult, and the health problems are far more than caries. The study also found that some patients with dental diseases are actually intestinal diseases caused by various reasons, so they can not absorb nutrients normally, leading to the occurrence of dental diseases. For example, patients with celiac disease or intestinal intolerance to gluten almost all have severe caries. Many people may have never heard of celiac disease, but experts think there are about 10 million potential patients in China. In addition, many dental patients may have intestinal parasite infection, which deprives them of nutrition. Most people are not aware of the widespread parasite infection. Some experts in the United States believe that 80% of Americans may have all kinds of parasite infection. In fact, the deeper reason behind dental disease is related to gene variation. Because of the complexity of the problem, the current medicine can not fully understand. Taking the variation of vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene as an example, it is estimated that about 1 / 4 of the population has varying degrees of VDR gene variation, which can be divided into light, medium, and heavy. When there is variation, the efficiency of human body's combined use of vitamin D will decline, which must be compensated by more vitamin D supplementation. The most serious mutation of vitamin D receptor gene (vitamin D – resistant rickets) can not be remedied even if a large amount of vitamin D is supplemented, and patients will still have serious rickets, which is fortunately quite rare. This can explain why different people have different needs for vitamin D. What's more, dental disease involves the complex situation of multiple gene variations.

Besides, I'm not totally against going to the dentist. Dentists can still help patients with dental diseases in many ways, and the profession of dentists will continue. But dentists in the future should use newer and safer, non-destructive methods and technologies to serve patients with dental diseases, such as tooth regeneration technology. Instead of following the same old patching techniques.

As a dental patient, we should constantly increase our knowledge of dental disease and learn how to protect the health of our teeth. Don't take it for granted that any treatment by the dentist is reasonable, otherwise it may pay a heavy price. For general Chinese patients with dental disease, it is recommended to invest in dental irrigators or ultrasonic toothbrushes first. If the disease is still uncontrollable after a period of use, then consider vitamin therapy. At present, the vitamin market is mixed, and the quality of different brands varies greatly. We must pay attention to choosing good brands through reliable channels, or even to say, only choosing the right brand can be really effective. There is also a common misconception that vitamin therapy is very expensive. In fact, the cost of vitamin therapy will not exceed the cost of toothpaste (now a good toothpaste is 50-60 RMB).

Applicable population of vitamin therapy: in principle, it is applicable to all patients with caries, but it is especially applicable to those patients with frequent caries, new caries every year, and multiple visits to the dentist are still unable to effectively control. I would like to emphasize that vitamins are not cold medicines and will not take effect immediately in a week. The treatment process is a process of moistening things silently and needs long-term adherence. People who have teeth disease like to delay and are impatient to take vitamins every day may not be suitable for this vitamin method. In addition, keeping a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, eating less sugary food and drinks as much as possible (young people should refuse carbonated drinks such as coke), and paying attention to regular exercise will help your teeth health.

The author hopes to introduce this kind of safe and effective natural therapy of dental disease to you. With the promotion of this kind of natural therapy, it is undoubtedly an innovation of dentistry. Dental disease can be prevented without surgery. People will no longer suffer from dental disease, and the existing patients will no longer have to pay for the crime. They will suffer from the pain of surgery. The only thing you need is to recognize the dental disease again and insist on the correct maintenance of teeth. The fundamental principle to deal with dental disease is: prevention, prevention and re prevention, rather than repair, repair and re repair. In short, put the health of your teeth in your own hands, not in the hands of a dentist who can't rely on them.

If you want to have healthy teeth, if you're tired of going to the dentist all the time, if you want to find a natural way to protect your teeth, you should definitely try the method I recommend. In particular, I hope that those patients who have been judged by the dentist as having to be treated by root canal because of their toothache will contact me, and I believe that it can save you from the tragedy of root canal treatment.

In the final analysis: no matter how advanced technology, the best teeth or their own natural teeth. A good tooth is not obtainable by dentists, but by scientific and reasonable self-care methods. To protect our teeth, we just need to follow the way of nature as our ancestors did. If you can do it seriously, it's no longer a dream if you don't see a dentist all your life.

(Disclaimer: This article is purely personal experience and opinion, for reference only. Don't try if you are the one. )***Background material supplement

After my article on the treatment of dental diseases was published on the Internet, I received many letters from patients with dental diseases. I found that most of the patients who are willing to use the method I recommended are those with college education background and some English foundation. This seems to fully show that knowledge is power and ignorance is easy to be cheated.

In addition, I have contacted 7-8 dentists in succession, hoping to work together to study the effect of vitamins on dental diseases. But these dentists refused for various reasons, many of them even my friends, or friends of friends. Perhaps readers can also guess that the main reason they refuse is: if we promote this natural therapy, how can our dentists make money? It's a pity that when there is a conflict between personal interests and public interests, their first choice is to protect personal interests.