the money for the bank account can be removed from the post office. it's starting from april.

Posted by millikan at 2020-04-07

Prague, agency. More mobile banking than the Indian Mail Service You are about to connect to the UI from April to improve. The UI is a fast-paced system The National Payment Corporation has been developed by India. The U.S. has rapidly taken a person between two birds' bank accounts. It also provides.

An IPPI-year-old officer in the headquarters told Ezeki that India's post cement bank from the fire April, The UNIFID element will be connected to the UI which will allow users to access any of their accounts.

They said that using the IPPI application, the bank's customer IRC port will be able to pay the rail ticket and others They can scan the QUER code on stores, serve or sell products. The authorities reported that even on the IPPI fast tag request. He's working and probably the bank's customer will be able to report a post tag from his account in April. For that, on the IPPI application. He's only working on adding a fashion tag.

Sensitive D-Axis supervisor of the main dock indicated that the IPPI special base embedded cement system is currently in use To raise awareness among the people, so that the buyer can expel any money from his bank account. It's actually connected to his bank account.

They said that any customer from the APS can transfer money to their IPPI accounts, although the APS To take advantage of purity, it must be in its area and its account must be in the Indian Postment Bank.

Accavation reported that during the last month's bank collapse, 28 January would take 1.05 million cash under the APS alone. that's the biggest in the whole country.