leg lingerie ( レッグランジェリー ) by wacoal

Posted by tzul at 2020-04-07

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Leg lingerie by Wacoal

May 9 (WED) - May 22 (fire)

4th floor ladies socks

Thank you for watching the Hankyu blog.

Now, this week's blog will introduce a stocking with a fine leg and leg effect from "Legg Lingery" which wacoll pursues "beauty style."

The dense diamond pattern that shows the position of the knee shows the leg and slender legs, and gives a beautiful leg.

Marc Jacobs marshmallow Print Black / Navy / plum size

The feminine flower pattern which emphasizes shadow effect and vertical line of the fabric makes the legs clear.

Dry botanical Handle Black / Navy / plum size

The contrast of the herringbone pattern and the gray line that emphasizes the vertical line is a leg which gives stylish and slender impression.

Herringbone clear color: Black / Gree / Navy

Besides pantyhose, there are short stockings and crew stockings sticking to fine legs and beautiful legs.

Fred Plaid short sleeve rjn602 mesh black / Navy

Black / dark Gree / plum / Mango size

Arabesque - arabesque - Black / Navy / Natural Beige

Ljn501 mosaic Black / Navy / moccasin size: 23

How was it? Leg limgery (leg lingerie) is also equipped with stiff stockings with leg length effects as well as pattern stitching

Please enjoy the styling of spring and summer with the leg wear coordinating colors