opinions on promoting the healthy and orderly development of mobile internet

Posted by fierce at 2020-04-07

Among them, there is a saying that has attracted my attention: to improve the level of network security. We should firmly establish a correct concept of network security and dynamic and comprehensive protection, adhere to the principle of ensuring development with security and promoting security with development, perceive the security situation of mobile Internet in an all-round and all-weather way, continuously strengthen the security guarantee ability of basic information network of mobile Internet, and vigorously promote the application of Cyberspace Security Technology and standards with independent intellectual property rights. We will strengthen the ability of network security defense, implement the responsibility system for network security, formulate and improve network security standards such as the security of key information infrastructure and big data security, and make clear the protection objects, levels and measures. Comprehensively strengthen the network security inspection, find out the background, risk, find out the loopholes, supervise and urge the rectification, and establish a unified and efficient network security risk reporting mechanism, information sharing mechanism, and research, judgment and disposal mechanism.

With the rapid development of information network technology and the wide popularization of mobile intelligent terminals, mobile Internet, with its outstanding advantages of ubiquitous, connectivity, intelligence and inclusive, has strongly promoted the deep integration of the Internet and the real economy, and has become a new field of innovation and development, a new platform for public services, and a new channel for information sharing. In order to thoroughly implement the strategic thought of general secretary XXX on Strengthening China's network power and promote the healthy and orderly development of China's mobile Internet, the following opinions are put forward.

I. significance and general requirements

1. Importance and urgency. Since the party's ××, the Party Central Committee with Comrade ×××× as the core has attached great importance to the work of network security and information technology, established the central leading group of network security and information technology, made a series of major decisions and arrangements, effectively promoted the healthy development of network information industry, especially the mobile Internet, and played an important role in facilitating people's production and life, promoting economic and social development, and maintaining national security Function. At present, with the close combination of Internet technology, platform, application, business model and mobile communication technology, the rapid evolution of mobile Internet new technology, endless new applications, vigorous development of new formats, increasingly prominent tool attributes, media attributes, social attributes, the initial formation and accelerated expansion of the ecosystem, more and more become a new space for people to learn, work and live. At the same time, mobile internet security threats and risks have become increasingly prominent, and transmitted to economic, political, cultural, social, ecological and other fields. Facing the new situation and challenges, there are still some shortcomings in the development and management of mobile Internet: the system and mechanism need to be improved, the construction of the rule of law is still lagging behind, the policy support is not enough, the ability of independent innovation is not enough, the core technology needs to be broken through, the management foundation is relatively weak, the implementation of corporate responsibility is not in place, and the security strategy is not complete. These problems have restricted the healthy and orderly development of mobile Internet, so we must attach great importance to and solve them as soon as possible.

2. Guiding ideology. Fully implement the spirit of the party's ××× and the third, fourth, fifth and sixth plenary sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee, guided by the ××× theory, the important thought of "Three Represents" and the scientific outlook on development, thoroughly implement the spirit of the series of important speeches of general secretary ×××× and the new ideas and Strategies of governance, closely around the overall layout of "five in one" and the coordinated promotion of the "four comprehensive" war We should make a strategic layout, actively implement the new development concept, adhere to the people-centered development idea, encourage, support and standardize the parallel development, give equal attention to policy guidance and management according to law, and economic and social benefits, build consensus, prevent risks, win people's hearts, ensure safety, promote development, encourage and support technological innovation, stimulate and protect the vitality of enterprises, and constantly enhance development The internal momentum of the exhibition is to promote the healthy and orderly development of mobile Internet in an all-round way, better serve the overall situation of the development of the party and the state, and make the development achievements of mobile Internet better benefit the people.

3. Basic principles. Adhere to development for the people, give full play to the advantages of mobile Internet, narrow the digital divide, stimulate economic vitality, and provide people with accessible, affordable, and well used mobile Internet information services; adhere to reform guidance, improve market access, standardize competition order, optimize development environment, and comprehensively release innovation vitality and market energy; adhere to innovation as the key, and strengthen goal guidance We should give full play to the role of management subject, operation subject and user subject, promote the innovation of ideas, mechanisms and means in an all-round way, adhere to content-based, innovate content production, expand sharing channels and purify interactive ecology, adhere to classified guidance and implement classified management of mobile Internet information services, adhere to safe and controllable, conduct comprehensive investigation and scientific evaluation , effectively prevent and resolve the risks and hidden dangers brought by the rapid development of mobile Internet, and effectively guarantee the security of network data, technology, application, etc.

II. Promote the innovation and development of mobile Internet

4. Improve the market access system. We will deepen efforts to streamline administration and delegate power, combine decentralization with management, and optimize services, further cancel and delegate relevant administrative approval matters, accelerate the implementation of the change from "license before license" to "license before license", simplify the approval process and improve the efficiency of approval. We will establish and improve the market access system in line with the evolution and development of the mobile Internet, improve the classified management system of telecommunications services, and improve the filing management, comprehensive evaluation and other systems for new services of the mobile Internet. On the premise of ensuring security, we will guide the development of diversified investment and financing markets, actively and steadily promote the opening of the telecommunications market, and promote the formation of a new market pattern in which multiple capital components and various market entities complement each other's advantages, compete with each other and develop together.

5. Accelerate the evolution and upgrading of information infrastructure. We will comprehensively promote the deep coverage of 4G networks in urban areas, gradually in rural areas, and give priority to poor areas. Accelerate the research and development of the fifth generation mobile communication (5g) technology, and promote the formulation of standards, system verification and commercial deployment as a whole. Enhance the network service ability, simplify the telecommunication tariff structure, realize the reasonable decrease of network tariff, and improve the service cost performance and user experience. Innovate investment and operation mode, expand the popularization scope of broadband access network for users, accelerate the construction and application of wireless LAN in public places such as civil aviation airliner, high-speed railway and urban transportation, and lead commercial service places to realize wireless LAN coverage and free opening. Accelerate the construction and optimization of new application infrastructure such as content distribution network, cloud computing and big data platform. Open up private capital to enter the competitive business in the field of basic telecommunications, further promote the development of resale business of mobile communications, and form a market pattern of infrastructure co construction and sharing, and business services competing with each other. We will improve the quality of Internet Interconnection between backbone networks, optimize the Internet architecture, and explore the establishment of a long-term mechanism for inter network settlement based on long-term incremental costs, so as to better meet the needs of users to carry numbers to transfer networks and create a good market competition environment.

6. Achieve systematic breakthrough in core technology. We will unswervingly implement the innovation driven development strategy, concentrate our efforts on major issues in scientific research, accelerate breakthroughs and achievements transformation in core technologies such as mobile chips, mobile operating systems, intelligent sensors and location services, promote the formulation of standards for core software and hardware, development environment and external equipment, and step up emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and MEMS The layout of key technologies of the mobile Internet, as soon as possible to achieve some cutting-edge technology, disruptive technology in the world's first breakthrough. We will implement the policy of adding and deducting the R & D expenses of enterprises, innovate the R & D investment mechanism of core technologies, explore market-oriented key technologies, and tackle key problems. We will strive to enhance the contribution and voice of China's key enterprises and scientific research institutions in the global community of open-source core technologies, and actively promote the construction of China's community of open-source core technologies.

7. Promote collaborative innovation of industrial ecosystem. We will coordinate basic research, technological innovation, industrial development and application deployment of the mobile Internet, and strengthen coordination and interaction among all sectors of the industrial chain. Encourage and support enterprises to become the main body of research and development, innovation and industry, accelerate the formation of industry university research and application alliance, and promote the upstream and downstream integration and innovation of information service enterprises, telecommunication enterprises, terminal manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, basic software and hardware enterprises. We will promote the integration and development of strategic emerging industries such as information technology and digital creativity. Improve the added value of products and services, and accelerate the migration of mobile Internet industry to the high-end value chain. We will improve the public service system covering standard setting, achievement transformation, testing and verification, and industrial investment and financing evaluation. Accelerate the layout of next-generation Internet technology standards, industrial ecology and security assurance system, and comprehensively upgrade to internet protocol version 6 (IPv6). We will promote the strategic planning, science and technology projects and industrial development of the Internet of things, and build a number of typical Internet of things application demonstration projects with outstanding results, strong driving force and high relevance.

8. Strengthen the use and protection of intellectual property rights. Carry out patent navigation in the field of mobile Internet, formulate a list of suggestions on the direction of patent layout, encourage enterprises to carry out the strategic layout of intellectual property in the strategic frontier and cross integration fields, and enrich the core technology patent reserve. We will promote the construction of intellectual property operation and trading and service platforms, accelerate the opening and sharing of patent information resources, encourage large mobile Internet enterprises to jointly establish patent pools, and establish mechanisms for resource sharing and benefit distribution. We will establish an intellectual property risk management system, and strengthen intellectual property early warning and legal aid for cross-border disputes. We will increase the protection of intellectual property rights for innovative achievements such as mobile Internet technology and business model, study and improve laws and regulations, standardize the order of network services, raise the cost of infringement and illegal costs, and effectively deter infringement.

III. strengthen the driving and leading role of mobile Internet

9. Stimulate the vitality of information economy. We will accelerate the formulation and improvement of policies and measures for the development of the information economy, integrate the development of mobile Internet into the overall promotion of the national information economy demonstration zone, encourage leading technologies and innovative applications of mobile Internet to take the lead, support innovation and Entrepreneurship Based on mobile Internet technology, and promote economic transformation and upgrading, improve quality and efficiency. We should accelerate the implementation of the "Internet plus" action plan and the national big data strategy, vigorously promote the deep integration of mobile Internet and agriculture, industry and service industries, and promote the optimization of resource allocation and the promotion of total factor productivity through information flow, technology flow, capital flow, talent flow and material flow. Innovate the development mode of information economy, enhance the effective supply capacity of safe and high-quality mobile Internet products, services and contents, actively cultivate and standardize new forms of sharing economy based on mobile Internet, such as car rental, payment, etc., and promote the rapid growth of information consumption scale and healthy and active information consumption market.

10. Support the development and growth of small, medium and Micro Internet enterprises. We will make full use of relevant national policies and measures to promote the innovation and development of small and medium-sized Micro Internet enterprises in the field of mobile Internet, and support and promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation. We will further give full play to the guiding and supporting role of policy funds such as the National Development Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises and the national innovation fund, implement tax and fee relief policies, give strong support in credit guarantee, financing and listing, and government purchase of services, and remove institutional restrictions that hinder and affect the use of mobile Internet to carry out mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Actively support all kinds of small and medium-sized and micro enterprises to develop new technologies, applications and businesses of mobile Internet, build a collaborative innovation platform and new incubator for mobile Internet, develop new models such as crowdsourcing, crowdsourcing, public support and crowdfunding, and expand domestic private capital and venture capital financing channels. Give full play to the leading role of basic telecommunication enterprises and large Internet enterprises, and actively support the development of upstream and downstream small and medium-sized enterprises by means of production cooperation, open platform and sharing resources. We should prevent enterprises from abusing their dominant position in the market, disrupt the order of competition, and create a fair and orderly market competition environment.

11. Promote information services to benefit the whole people. Relying on mobile Internet to strengthen e-government construction, improve the top-level design of e-government, and accelerate the "Internet plus government services". On the premise of ensuring data security and personal privacy, we will promote the opening and utilization of public information resources, and give priority to the opening of government data sets in the field of livelihood security services to the society. Accelerate the implementation of information benefiting people project, build an integrated online service platform, promote the construction of a new smart city by classification, promote the deep integration of mobile Internet and public services, focus on promoting the convenient services based on mobile Internet, such as transportation, tourism, education, medical care, employment, social security, pension, public security, justice, etc., relying on the wide coverage and precise positioning of mobile Internet, etc We will accelerate the expansion of our advantages to the streets, communities, and rural areas, and promote the equalization of basic public services. We will promote party and government organs at all levels to actively use mobile new media to release government information, and improve the level of information disclosure, public services and social governance.

12. Implement the network poverty alleviation action plan. According to the requirements of targeted poverty alleviation and targeted poverty alleviation, we will increase investment in the construction of mobile Internet infrastructure in the central and western regions and rural poor areas, give full play to the guiding role of central financial funds, drive local financial and social capital investment, and accelerate the full coverage of the network in poor areas. Basic telecommunication enterprises are encouraged to launch preferential tariff packages for poverty-stricken areas, explore and launch the binding business of "person, machine, card and number", and precisely reduce the network communication tariff of poverty-stricken households. Focusing on telemedicine services and online education and training, we will vigorously promote the new application of mobile Internet technology to provide more high-quality and convenient services for agricultural products sales, rural tourism, production guidance, employment services, skills training, etc. in poor areas. Relying on the network public welfare poverty alleviation alliance and other forces, we will promote the network information enterprises to help the poor areas in pairs, organize well-known e-commerce platforms to set up poverty alleviation channels for the poor areas, and actively develop mobile Internet applications suitable for the characteristics and needs of ethnic remote areas. We should attach equal importance to economic and social benefits. On the basis of in-depth project demonstration, we should give full play to the role of China Internet Fund, and vigorously promote the implementation and sustainable implementation of livelihood security projects such as education, medical care, public cultural services based on mobile Internet.

13. Prosper and develop network culture. Grasp the law of mobile Internet communication, implement the construction project of socialist core values, Chinese excellent culture online communication and other contents, and cultivate a positive, healthy and positive online culture. We will strengthen the construction and promotion of mobile terminals of mainstream media such as major news organizations and key news websites at the central and local levels, and actively support all kinds of positive energy accounts and applications. Strengthen the construction of news media mobile terminal, and build a correct, coordinated and efficient all media communication system. Special management unit pilot projects have been carried out in the fields of Internet news and information services, Internet publishing services, information network communication audio-visual program services, etc. We will vigorously promote the in-depth integration and development of traditional media and new mobile media, accelerate the construction of mobile Internet positions, and build a number of new media groups with strong strength, communication, public trust and influence.

IV. prevention of mobile internet security risks

14. Improve the level of network security. We should firmly establish a correct concept of network security and dynamic and comprehensive protection, adhere to the principle of ensuring development with security and promoting security with development, perceive the security situation of mobile Internet in an all-round and all-weather way, continuously strengthen the security guarantee ability of basic information network of mobile Internet, and vigorously promote the application of Cyberspace Security Technology and standards with independent intellectual property rights. We will strengthen the ability of network security defense, implement the responsibility system for network security, formulate and improve network security standards such as the security of key information infrastructure and big data security, and make clear the protection objects, levels and measures. Comprehensively strengthen the network security inspection, find out the background, risk, find out the loopholes, supervise and urge the rectification, and establish a unified and efficient network security risk reporting mechanism, information sharing mechanism, and research, judgment and disposal mechanism.

15. Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users. We will improve the information protection system for mobile Internet users, strictly regulate the collection and use of personal information such as user identity, geographical location, contact information, communication content, consumption records, and protect users' rights to know, choose and privacy. Urge the mobile Internet enterprises to fulfill the user service agreement and relevant commitments, improve the service quality management system, improve the complaint handling mechanism, and provide more safe, high-quality, convenient and practical products and services. We will intensify efforts to crack down on violations of users' rights and interests by using "××", illegal websites, malware, etc., and earnestly safeguard consumers' rights and interests and industrial order.

16. Crack down on Internet crimes. We will resolutely crack down on illegal and criminal activities such as using mobile Internet to advocate overthrowing state power, instigating religious extremism, promoting national separatist ideas, and abetting violent terrorism. We will strictly investigate and punish such illegal and criminal acts as slander, fraud in the telecommunications network, theft of secrets, piracy, and illegal sale of personal information. Comprehensively clean up illegal information such as ××, pyramid selling, illegal fund-raising, obscenity, gun and explosion.

17. Enhance the network management ability. We will strengthen the management of basic network resources, standardize basic telecommunication services, and implement the main responsibilities of basic telecommunication business operators, access service providers, Internet information service providers, and domain name service providers. Innovate management methods, strengthen research response and safety assessment of new technologies, new applications and new formats. Improve information service management, standardize communication behavior, and maintain good communication order of mobile Internet.

V. deepening international exchange and cooperation of mobile Internet

18. Expand the space for international cooperation. Around the "one belt, one road" national strategy, we will promote international cooperation on the Internet Silk Road, promote the interconnection and interconnection of mobile Internet infrastructure, and vigorously develop cross border mobile e-commerce. Actively participate in the formulation of international standards, exchanges and cooperation in key technologies and important fields such as the fifth generation mobile communication (5g), the next generation Internet, the Internet of things, and network security. We will support mobile Internet enterprises to go global, encourage them to explore international markets in various ways, increase overseas promotion of mobile Internet applications, products and services, build and improve cross-border industrial chain systems, and constantly expand overseas development space.

19. Participate in global mobile Internet governance. Fully participate in global mobile Internet governance related organizations, mechanisms and activities, and strengthen various bilateral and multilateral dialogues and cooperation. Deeply participate in and actively promote the formulation of rules and standards in the field of mobile Internet. We will give full play to the role of the world Internet Conference and other platforms, and vigorously promote and introduce China's idea of governing the Internet. We will establish and improve information sharing mechanisms and actively participate in international joint efforts to combat mobile Internet crimes.

20. Strengthen international communication capacity-building. We will deepen people to people and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, actively use various social platforms, effectively use various communication channels, and adopt concepts, categories, and expressions that integrate China and foreign countries, so as to tell Chinese stories and show Chinese images. We will create international communication media with strong influence, innovate and carry out multilingual and cross platform interactive communication, and constantly improve the international communication influence of mobile Internet.

Vi. strengthen organizational leadership and work guarantee

21. Improve the management system. Under the unified leadership of the central leading group of network security and information technology, cnmio should further strengthen the overall coordination, supervision and inspection of mobile Internet management, establish and improve the systems of joint meetings and regular working meetings, study and handle the major issues and situations of mobile Internet development management of all departments in all regions, and urge and guide all departments in all regions to effectively implement the decisions of the leading group , work deployment and relevant requirements; relevant departments such as industry and information technology, public security, culture, press, publication, radio and television, etc. and the military should take practical responsibility according to their responsibilities, strengthen the supervision and management of mobile Internet related businesses according to law, and formulate policies and measures to support and promote the development of mobile Internet technology and industry. Make clear that the local network and information departments are responsible for the supervision, management and law enforcement of Internet information content, improve the three-level management system of the central, provincial and municipal levels, and increase personnel, funds, technology and other security efforts.

22. Expand social participation. We will encourage all sectors of society to participate in the governance of mobile Internet, speed up the construction of social organizations for mobile Internet, and support China Internet development foundation, China Internet association and other parties to actively carry out network public welfare activities. We will guide the majority of mobile Internet users to access the Internet in a civilized manner, and actively participate in the purification of the network environment and the maintenance of the network order. We will improve the industry credit evaluation system and service evaluation system, and improve the linkage mechanism of industry management, enterprise self-discipline and social supervision.

23. Promote the construction of talent team. We will strengthen the construction of the talent training system for the online trust front, constantly improve our professional ability and comprehensive quality, and focus on training, selecting and appointing leading cadres who are familiar with the development and management of the mobile Internet. Adhere to the principle of "first try first", innovate talent introduction, evaluation, flow and incentive mechanism, and gather outstanding talents in all aspects into the cause of online credit. Strive to build a high-end think tank group to provide intellectual support for the development and management of mobile Internet. Adopt special policies and establish personnel system and salary system to adapt to the characteristics of online credit.

24. Strengthen the guarantee of the rule of law. We will speed up the process of network legislation, improve regulatory measures in accordance with the law, and mitigate network risks. We will comprehensively implement the network security law, accelerate the promotion of basic legislation such as the e-commerce law, and formulate and revise administrative regulations such as the Internet information service management measures, the regulations on the security protection of key information infrastructure, and the regulations on the network protection of minors. Improve judicial interpretation and policy interpretation, and promote the extension of existing laws and regulations for mobile Internet management. Establish and improve key management systems such as network data management and personal information protection. We will improve the Law Enforcement Coordination Mechanism of multiple departments of mobile Internet management, accelerate the construction of law enforcement information technology systems, and improve the ability to identify, collect evidence, and jointly investigate and crack down on network crimes. We should strengthen the popularization of Internet law, strengthen the concept of rule of law among Internet users, and improve the network literacy of the whole people.