he was speared by fire, miraculously survived.

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by Oskar Forsberg

Published: 10January 2014 kl. 21.04Updated: 13 January 2014 kl. 13.31

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How could he survive? This X-ray shows Zhang Xuecheng's head pierced by the 30-cm-long scissor-like string.

An angry man threw a fire hose at a dog who stole bacon.

The tool missed, but an innocent flanker was hit.

Although the scissor-like tendon spiked his head, the man survived miraculously.

The trembling image above shows the X-ray of the Chinese man Zhang Xuecheng's head. But despite the extensive damage, the man survived miraculously.

Doctors managed to save Zhang's life and remove the scissor-like tendon from his head.

Four-legged bacon thief

The drama recently took place in the town of Taoyuan in the province of Hunan in southern China.

Zhang Xuecheng was on his way home from work when he was hit in the back of the head by the big scissors. The shocking X-rays show that the tool struck with such force that it completely spiked his head.

The 30-centimeter-long scissor-like string was thrown by a man who was chasing a street dog who stole a slice of bacon.

The man's gross misstep was about to end in murder.

"Very close to the carotid artery"

Zhang was rushed to the hospital where the doctors managed to remove the pliers.

The cord was very close to the carotid artery. Had it met, he probably wouldn't have survived, says Chief Surgeon Po Yuejin to Daily Mail.

According to the doctors at the hospital, Zhang Xuecheng's condition is now stable.

Published: 10January 2014 kl. 21.04