this series of loopholes in japan is terrible!

Posted by millikan at 2020-04-08

Original title: this series of loopholes in Japan is too terrible!

For fear of having an impact on work, we shelved the virus test for the staff of the "Diamond Princess" who got off the ship and found that 23 people missed the test......

Japan's loopholes in the handling of the "Diamond Princess" cruise ship continue to expand.

According to TBS TV on February 22, more than 90 employees from the Ministry of health, labor and welfare who entered the "Diamond Princess" returned to their original jobs without virus detection, including Qiao Benyue, Deputy Minister of health, labor and welfare, yingzi, the government official saw himself and other people.

The report quoted relevant people as saying that the Ministry of health, labor and welfare had studied whether to carry out virus test on the staff entering the ship. However, considering that if someone is positive, it will have a great impact on the work, the virus test will be put on hold.

According to the report, civil servants and other staff who had participated in the withdrawal of overseas Chinese from Wuhan had been tested for the new coronavirus. But this time, more than 90 staff members of the "Diamond Princess" returned to work without detection due to no fever and other symptoms.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of health, labor and welfare officials involved in the work of the diamond princess have been confirmed by four people before.

On the morning of the 22nd, Mr. Kato Shengxin, the Minister of health and labor, said that he would check every employee's work on the ship and respond to it, but didn't mention whether he would carry out virus detection on the employees.

According to, Japan's Ministry of health, labor and welfare said that employees who have returned to work have not confirmed the infection. "For employees, if they have fever and respiratory symptoms, they will have a virus test. It is impossible to comment on whether to recheck in the future and the way of inspection.

Japanese officials apologized for missing 23 people after the Diamond Princess passengers disembarked

Novel coronavirus was detected in 23 of the cruise ship's diamonds Princess during the medical observation period of February 5th, Kato Katsunobu told reporters at a press conference on February 22nd, according to Kyodo News reported on February 22nd.

He apologized and said: "reflect deeply on our mistakes. Thorough measures will be taken to avoid such mistakes. "

He also said that novel coronavirus was diagnosed in 18 foreigners, 1 Israeli and 6 Australian citizens who had returned to China by charter flights.

With the spread of the epidemic, "Diamond Princess" cruise ship has been affecting the hearts of the world.

The diamond princess, with 2666 passengers and 1045 crew, was quarantined for 14 days starting on February 5 and ending on February 19. On the 21st, Kato said that getting off the ship was "over.".

At the end of the disembarkation on the 21st, 634 people had been diagnosed in the virus test of passengers. Male and female passengers in their 80s died on the 20th.

Japan has also been criticized for its handling of the cruise ship. It is not the first time that 23 people have missed the inspection.

21 days ago, due to Japan's mistakes, some passengers returned to Hong Kong delayed taking off. At that time, Japan mistakenly granted permission to 28 Hong Kong passengers who had close contact with the confirmed patient. 19 of them have gone to Yutian airport by bus to check in, and these passengers are required to return to the cruise ship.