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Posted by millikan at 2020-02-24

Lock it down! Safer is safer

The number of home invasions has steadily increased throughout Germany in recent years. In NRW, many cities and municipalities are affected, except Wipperfurth. The police have responded to this and are pursuing a national strategy. The LKA, together with experts from district police authorities, has developed recommendations for local concepts.

These concepts are aimed at improving local analysis, systematic tracking and tracing, as well as exploiting all possible avenues of search.

Each police authority in NRW publishes weekly the home invasion radar. This is where citizens can see where the break-in took place last week. In addition, the figures of selected crime areas for each municipality are published monthly under the heading "Security in Focus".

It is precisely the psychological burden on the victims of a home invasion that is considerable. The fight against home invasion crime is therefore a high priority in NRW and also in the Oberbergische Kreis.

The main messages of the campaign'Stop! Sure is safer! "are:

We don't want you to become a victim, so we'd like to put the bar on the burglar with you.

General information

In their actions, the perpetrators take advantage of opportunities. Often burglaries occur when the residents work or are only away for a short time.

Bad-security apartments are like invitations to the perpetrators.

A study shows that burglars abandon their plan when windows and doors last longer than three minutes during the burglary attempts. The safer the bars are in front of doors and windows, the more unattractive an apartment becomes for burglars. In about 40 percent of the cases, the perpetrators are unable to break down well-secured doors and windows. A reason to secure house and apartment.

Supports and advises the police free of charge in securing their own four walls. The mobile police advisory office is regularly in the Oberbergische region.

Information from you on persons, vehicles or other sightings is important to us.

Your contribution to protection against burglars is essential!

Preferred for the interest of burglars are settlements near motorways or federal roads. The perpetrators will be gone as soon as they arrive.

The prevailing belief among the population is still that perpetrators observe the object of their desires over time. The prevailing thing, however, is that the perpetrators randomly select the crime scenes. Often the burglars ring and when no one is present, you take action.

Preferred prey are jewellery, cash, EC cards and high-quality electronic devices.

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