died of infection by the famous japanese comedian, xerox and coronal 19

Posted by santillano at 2020-04-08

The death of a Japanese celebrity is the first time... It's been active recently

(Tokyo = United News) special agent Jin Haojun = a famous Japanese comedian, Shi Wu Lagan, died at the Tokyo City hospital on the 29th due to the new Korona virus infection (Korona 19). At the age of 70.

Shi Wuluo was sent to a hospital on the 20th for a diagnosis of severe pneumonia after suffering from burnout and other symptoms on the 17th, NHK and Kyoto communication reported Wednesday.

On the 25th, his company announced the fact that he was infected with coronal 19.

Mr. Sheila had been in hospital for treatment, but died at about 11:10 the night before yesterday.

Tokyo born wenshila is a member of the popular comedy band the dream from. In recent years, it has also continued its activities in TV, movies, concerts and other places, and has been loved by Japanese people.

He also carried out the popular program "comparative travel" of TBS broadcast by Japanese radio station.

In 2011, he invited KBS funny concert's talent team to participate in the program he hosted.

In Japan, for the first time, celebrities like shiwula have died from infection with the coronal 19.

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