on durian from the perspective of data mining

Posted by tetley at 2020-04-09


Forget where I saw a sentence: "there is no garbage information on the Internet, only misplaced resources". Web data mining is still worth studying, and there is no good or bad development language. The best way to solve the problem is to use your most familiar language. Solve the problem first, then optimize the process, the result is the most important! This experiment only analyzes the surface data of one section of Cl, and I believe that if more efforts are made, more other things can be analyzed. For example: download the 100000 pictures collected, can they be used as training materials for image recognition system to recognize pornographic pictures? I just collected the user name, registration time, last login time and other limited fields of the registered user. If I also collected the level, contribution value, number of replies and other information of the user in the forum, combined with other fields for processing and analysis, can I draw more meaningful conclusions?

By sheldonlee

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