fireeye: green wonk action for economic and foreign policy website

Posted by lipsius at 2020-04-09

Obviously, in terms of identifying apt and making public analysis, fireeye has come to the front. Compared with kapersky, trendmicro, McAfee and Symantec, they seem to be in the most shining spotlight. Maybe after their sandbox technology is deployed on a large scale, 0day * * recognition will continue.

On February 20, 2014, they announced a green wonk action, which used a 0-day vulnerability cve-2014-0502 of flash to dig holes for some websites of us based economic and foreign policy think tanks to lure visitors. If visitors use XP, win7 + java 1.6, the outdated office version of win7 + will win.

What's more, have you found that fireeye's Sandbox technology can identify more water holes, while traditional directional fishing has not increased. Several possibilities: more water holes, more sandboxes on more websites (or more Internet deployment sites on fireeye), and more covert directional fishing (such as using encryption and blacklist Technology). I feel that in the future, apt recognition still needs to go to the last meter - terminal.


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