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Zhongdayun collection phpcms v9.6.5

Zhongdayun collection Discuz v9.6.5

Zhongda Cloud Collection discuz version is a batch collection software specially developed for discuz. After installing this plug-in, the collector control panel will appear at the top of the page where posts, portals and groups are published. Input keywords or web addresses to collect content intelligently in your publishing and editing box. It supports the regular and batch collection of content every day and automatic publishing. It is easy to learn, understand, use, mature and stable. It is a new forum webmaster and website editor's must

Kuju OA collaborative office system V2019 open source version

Kuju OA office system is a general-purpose collaborative OA management software suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. It integrates the rich experience and advanced technology of kuju OA who has been engaged in the development of management software for a long time. The system adopts the leading B / S (Browser / server) operation mode, so that the network office is not restricted by the region. Kuju OA uses agile MVC development framework, supports distributed development of multiple modules, unified layout, and simple interface. Its functions include personal office

Love office document printing management system v1.5.0

Super CMS multilingual v2.39

Super CMS content management system (hereinafter referred to as the product) is a set of products developed by SEO Research Center to solve the problem of website optimization. This product is developed by using the MVC framework of object-oriented self-development. It is an efficient and open-source content management system. Based on the PHP + MySQL architecture, the product can run on various platforms such as windows, Linux, MacOSX, Solaris, etc. This product adopts MV completely

Mob event registration system v2.3.0

Mob event registration system is an online event registration management system based on PHP + mysql. Mob event registration system can run on Linux, windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and other platforms. The system is based on laravel and supports custom pseudo static. The front-end template is designed with div + CSS. The back-end interface design is simple and clear. The function is simple and easy to have a good user experience, stable

Wechat domain name anti sealing program v3.0

Wechat promotion domain name anti short URL program may 23 major update! 1. Change promotion website to wechat Generate promotion short web address to solve the risk of many customers being blocked by wechat detection crawler when using wechat group software; a few customers feedback that the domain name is blocked too fast after using a large number of group software to promote the web address, wechat has a crawler detection mechanism, once a large number of external domain names are detected, it will automatically block the domain name, in order to solve this problem

Slogan help media integrate marketing OEM system V1.2

Slogan help all media integrated marketing OEM self-service system is mainly applied to enterprises, teams, studios, media, cultural communication companies, network promotion companies, an automatic free and fast online system of network marketing companies. Whether you are an individual or a company, you can quickly build your own marketing platform based on this system. V1.2 update description 1. Add payment configuration options (enterprise payment and scan payment) 2. Adjust the algorithm of batch price adjustment, and adjust the unit price at the same time

B2C cloud business system v1.5.5

UQ cloud business system (B2C version) is an excellent and small e-commerce system. The framework is developed by the platform itself, which is simple and easy to use. The mobile terminal module at the computer end is separated, and the interface is called everywhere. The platform is developed with php7.0 + MYSQL, which is easy to install and use. At present, we have mainstream functions and effects. Currently the downloaded software supports 1. Computer, mobile phone, wechat access. Wechat automatically log in and pay. 2. Order processing, refund the original way

Emlog personal blog system v6.0.0

Emlog is the abbreviation of every memory log, which means: every bit of memory. It is a powerful blog and CMS system based on PHP and mysql. We are committed to providing you with fast, stable, and extremely simple and comfortable content creation and site building services. [Down...

Jtbc website content management system v3.0.2.0

Jtbc website content management system is the core of a website system that can expand and clone the existing modules. It adopts UTF-8 coding and adopts The technical mode of separating language code program is to use the structure of template package and language package in an all-round way, which is convenient for users to modify. Every corner of website content can be managed in the background. It is a set of program core that is very suitable for system building or secondary development. ...

OneBase v1.3.4

OneBase is a free, open-source, fast and simple object-oriented application R & D architecture, which was born for rapid R & D applications. While maintaining excellent performance and innovative design ideas, it also pays attention to ease of use. Release under the Apache 2 open source license agreement means you can use OneBase free of charge, allowing you to release / sell your applications based on OneBase open source or commercial products. Main features: specification: O

Youdiancms v8.0 PC mobile wechat app applet five in one

Oudiancms is the website management system of Youdian enterprise, which integrates five in one: computer station + mobile station + wechat station + app + small program, automatically synchronizes data and reduces the cost of human maintenance; it shares one management background, as long as one virtual host, effectively saves space investment. The system is developed with open source technology PHP + MYSQL, which is open source and has the characteristics of simple operation, powerful function, good stability, easy expansion, strong security, convenient maintenance, good compatibility, etc

Call file management platform v1.0.0

Basic introduction 1, cross platform, can run on windows or Linux system, the platform uses the PHP framework development of laravel. 2. It supports the creation of a platform system that users join independently. 3. Support document collaboration, office document online editing preview. 4. Free open source is fully privatized, and its own files are managed by itself. Installation requirements 1, PHP version at least 5.6.4 above. 2, mys...

5isns content payment system v1.0.6

We have been committed to providing quality source code for the majority of webmasters! New version of the system, including libraries, posts and other functions. Knowledge payment combined with social network can adapt to the development trend of Internet faster and better. Knowledge payment means people's desire for high-quality knowledge content and respect for knowledge. People who have urgent needs will naturally be willing to pay. It is the general trend that social networks begin to pay for knowledge. In the Internet inertia, content, social, payment, the three in one, webmaster will be in

120 emergency command center network service system v0.11

120 the emergency command center network service system is targeted at the 120 emergency command center network application service, WeChat official account, internal training management and other targeted applications. The main functions of the micro emergency system are as follows: 1. The micro emergency users can quickly get accurate location to the emergency center by inputting location and telephone number, reduce the time of departure, improve efficiency and rescue the patients; 2. The learning system aims at all kinds of

Tianmu MVC collection plug-in v1.04

The Tianmu MVC collection plug-in depends on the Tianmu MVC website management system or the home version of Tianmu MVC website management system to run and download any of the above versions, and then copy this sub plug-in to the app / plugin / directory. After the above program has been installed, enter the background website settings plug in management for installation. If the new installation can be directly checked during installation, the plug-in will be automatically installed, and the classification can be set infinitely

Pescms team task management system V2.3.1

Pescms team is an open source task management system based on gplv2 protocol. Features of the new version of pescms team: 1. Compatible with PC and mobile terminals, the actual PC supports IE8 +, chrome, Firefox, Safari The mobile terminal supports Android and apple systems. 2. Powerful and simple task allocation and assignment function, as well as free state customization mode, make task management become

Baidu experience collection system V1.0

Zui front end HTML5 framework v1.9.1

Zui officially released version 1.3. Here comes a new document website! Keyman new benefits: search to find content and support keyboard shortcuts. Add chart view component to support the display of pie chart, bar chart and curve chart. In addition, fine-tuning the default color, optimizing the UI details of multiple components, and fixing the bug. Zui forum also opened. Welcome to post and discuss. Zui is the team of easoft Tianchuang in improving its own products (Zen Road

However, collaborative management system v5.2

However, the collaborative management system consists of five modules: customer management (CRM), daily office (OA), cash accounting (cash), team sharing (team) and application navigation (IPS). It is mainly for the internal management of small and medium-sized teams. Compared with other products on the market, however, collaboration is more focused on providing integrated and streamlined solutions. ...

Bole personal online automatic card issuing network source v3.1

Single city life classification information system V1.0

Single city life classification information system is a local module developed by Pizhou Tianmu network technology company. Based on Tianmu MVC website management system t1.35 or Tianmu MVC website management system home version, please search and download by yourself. The function is similar to 58 same city, common people's network, which can be used to release local second-hand, rental, part-time work and other information. The program supports WeChat official account, small program, and APP. users.

The latest Alipay WeChat visa free arrival account v0.2.8

First of all, thank you very much for your view, download and support. After more than two years of painstaking research and development, I finally released it. I like to specialize in research and technology, adhere to pragmatism and not be mercenary. I hope that you can receive money easily and have enough to eat at a small profit. At the same time, I support 0 rate and many hang up. I don't want to boast about my advantages. At the same time, I hope that my peers don't comment randomly, life is not easy, and it's my original intention to help more individual webmasters develop and start. I just want to have enough to eat, not to be rich, and I hope that I can make friends with more sincere Internet entrepreneurs