apex legends : nos 10 conseils pour être le champion de la partie

Posted by fierce at 2020-04-09

The legend of apexes is a very different Royal war from others, as we wrote in the test. How can we not get lost in different rents for weapons and equipment and different rents for different areas? Learn from professional translators, companies, web pages and freely viewable translation libraries. We're going for a ride with 10 non exhaustive tips

Page: 1 Choose your landing site

As in any royal campaign, your landing site will end in the next race. The choice must be based on the style you want to play: risk or curiosity. If you want to take this risk, because you have good aircraft and equipment, you can land near the trajectory of the spacecraft. But be careful and get ahead of your opponents as soon as possible.

Page: 1 No restrictions on Liquidity

Page: 1 Follow the robot's voice

Page: 1 How to choose two weapons

You have only two weapon positions, which can cause you to be broken. If the data is not shown in the game, then the community (through repetition) draws an image on our image gallery. Copy this website code to your website to set up a ballot box on your website. Don't sit there and pick up the single gun and X4 zoo. Otherwise, pump guns and submachine guns are your best guns. In terms of pistols, only one can protect the whole area: Winman.

As for Pioneer rifles, they are less powerful than other similar games, because a spring gun and a character's large mobile bed can let you quickly enter the body or shoot from a medium-sized port. However, keeping a large magnifying glass in your inventory will help you to hit and hurt enemies before they arrive, especially in the last period of time. In any case, don't panic: you'll keep the weapons that best suit your style.

Five Color matters

To choose your device, a simple color code, in order of rarity and power: White ("basic") - Blue - Purple - yellow ("gendarme"). The game allows you to easily change projects based on rare projects, making the fluid and mastery of the location phase easy.

Second, in battle, we must pay attention to the color you put on your opponents: if they are blue, it means that you are wearing his blue armor. If they're yellow, you know, some of their idiots will have to be affected before it affects their health. You can get used to this bastard When TS is red, it has no protective cover and is close to the limit.

Six Communication is essential

The pingawatz system is installed in the game, and it must be used as much as possible. In the location phase, you can specify all projects that you think are important to your alli's and that you will not accept. By the way, by clicking on your weapons and ammunition, you can also point out which ammunition you lack and encourage your allies to give you these ammunition.

Page: 1 Suspension of combat

In my opinion, when your health is very weak, if you can, don't sit and hide, use it to recharge, especially your shield. The tennis match in Bangalore, especially the smoke bombs, gives you time to heal and start fighting again. That is to say, there should be no sinal in the stock of syringes and fillings!

Page: 1 Don't finish the match right away

We know it's tempting: you want to break your frags record to improve your statistics. So when the opponent falls, you want to kill him right away Serious error This not only brings you ammunition and wastes your time, because of his K.O. shield, but also loses an opportunity: opponents may have the courage to move forward to help their allies, and you have the courage to help him. Before completing these tasks, make sure that no enemies remain. There is only one exception, when an opponent is wearing a gender shield (in yellow g-t-t-t-t-t-m-m-m-m-m-m color, because he can move alone behind you, and you can limit yourself...).

Ten How to play for experience

At the beginning of the game, eight sons in law trusted es, two of whom were bought with 12000 yuan. All of these chips are based on experience, which takes many hours to play. If you want to block faster and accelerate the upgrade to get more free packaging, you can optimize your first part to get more experience. In this regard, frags is not the most important, but more importantly, the time to live. Therefore, the best way is to live as long as possible for the benefit of one party. Another saying is that the bonus is 500 yuan, which is for a person who will restrict the leader of the parade, so you can also start chasing him.