set up gitlab in ubuntu 12.04 (precise)

Posted by punzalan at 2020-04-09

As for gitlab's articles and instructions, the previous articles have been written, so we will not elaborate on them here. For details, see this article: set up gitlab on Debian wheel

Note: the details of gitlab installation, debug and other information are also recorded in the above article, so we will not write more here

Set up gitlab in Ubuntu 12.04 (precise)

Gitlab installation mainly refers to this file: gitlabhq / Doc / install /

System and kit version requirements

System basic environment installation

Check and install git version 1.7.10 and above

Package: git-coreVersions:1: (/var/lib/apt/lists/

Install git manually

To provide mail alerts, you need to install the SMTP software

Select Internet site and enter domain name

Install Ruby

Open gitlab system account - Git

Install gitlab shell

Install database

Install gitlab

Set gitlab

Gitlab DB settings

Install Gems

Initialize database

Administrator account created:[email protected]!fe

Set automatic startup

Set logrotate

Check gitlab application settings

Start gitlab

Setting up the Apache 2 Environment

The gitlab will be set up here. Connect to http://your-domain-name/, and log in with the following account password

login: [email protected]: 5iveL!fe

Note: the first time you open a web page, you need to run a long time and be patient~

Gitlab restart

For other debugging methods, see this article: set gitlab on Debian wheel, which will not be detailed here~

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