miui 11: new features at a glance

Posted by trammel at 2020-04-09

MIUI 11 offers a modernized surface with a dynamic font adaptation. In addition, further innovations such as significantly improved configuration options for the design of the Allway on display are available. And data protection is not too short either. With Skyscaping, the Gallery app offers an interesting innovation.

As a major innovation of MIUI 11, Xiaomi points to the following areas in the Changelog:

Design & fonts

According to Xiaomi, MIUI 11 offers a modernised surface that focuses on user productivity with reduced optical elements. Settings: MIUI 11 (left) and MIUI 10 (right) (Screenshot:

In addition, MIUI 11 integrates a dynamic font calibration function. It is claimed that no other producer has yet to offer this. In the Settings screen, users can edit the text distribution in terms of text size and font strength.

MIUI 11: Text size and font strength can be adjusted. Under MIUI 10 you can only customize the font size (Screenshot:

Inactivity indicator (Always-On-Display)

MIUI 11 offers significantly more possibilities to design the inactivity indicator than the previous generation. Dynamic patterns (Kaleidoscope), clocks (digital, analogue) as well as signatures and additional backgrounds are available. There are also new animations for notifications.

MIUI 11: Disabled (Screenshot:


MIUI 11 offers numerous new notification sounds. The configuration options are much more prominent compared to MIUI 10.

Settings tone: MIUI 11 (left), MIUI 10 (right) (Screenshot:

Natural noises change depending on the date.

MIUI 11: Different natural tones depending on the date (Screenshot:

Mi Share and ShareMe respectively

MIUI11: With Mi Share and the ShareMe app, files can be exchanged between devices quickly and easily (Screenshot:

Transfer to external displays

MIUI 11 allows you to transfer content such as videos, games, documents and applications directly to a TV device. It is said that more than 300 TV models are compatible with the casting function. Numerous configuration options are available for the transmission.

MIUI 11: Transfer content to TV (image:


With MIUI 11, Xiaomi introduces a new ultra-battery-saving mode to ensure that the device can be used for a full day at a five percent battery level. Currently, however, this only works under Android 10.

MIUI 11: Ultra battery saving mode should ensure that the device can be used for a 24-hour period at a 5-percent battery level. With the current beta, however, this function is only available under Android 10 (Screenshot:

Gallery app with Skyscaping

Under MIUI 11, the Gallery app with Skyscaping offers a new feature. This allows the sky to be modified on photos. The options are "Sunny", "Cloud", "Rainbow", "Shining", "Darkness" and "Sunset".

MIUI 11: Gallery app with new Skyscaping function (Screenshot:

MIUI 11: New WLAN settings under Android 10

In conjunction with Android 10, MIUI 11 displays the corresponding standard according to the latest classification depending on the WLAN connection. When connecting to an 802.11n router, WLAN 4 is displayed and 802.11ac displays WLAN 5. WLAN 6 is displayed when connecting to an 802.11ax router. Currently, this setting is only shown under the WLAN settings. Later the corresponding symbols for the status bar should be added. Xiaomi also allows you to use a random MAC address to avoid WiFi targeting.

MIUI 11: New WLAN settings under Android 10 (image: