top 10 cloud security startups to watch in 2014

Posted by tetley at 2020-04-09

Compared with the vigorous development of the public cloud, the cloud security tool market has only recently become a hot spot of venture capital. Gartner predicts that the size of the public cloud service market will reach US $207 billion in 2016, while the matching cloud security market is just in its infancy, with considerable innovation vitality and valuation potential. CIO magazine recently recommended ten cloud security startups worthy of attention, which helps us to understand the overall development trend of Cloud Security startups and innovations in a general way:

1. Bitium

Product services: cloud application management, single sign on and analysis tools.

Financing: US $2.4 million seed fund

Reason for listing: the problem faced by enterprises in the cloud era is byoa (using personal or consumer applications for office) brought by byod trend.

Competitors: OKTA, onelogin, Ping identity, duplicated

2. BitSight Technologies

Product services: provide information security assessment services to help enterprises assess the risk of cooperation with partners, suppliers and outsourcing partners.

Financing: 24 million USD round a financing in June 2013

Reason for listing: the risk of enterprise information disclosure in the cloud era is more from the integration of enterprise value chain, including partners and suppliers. Bitsight can score the information security status and level of enterprises through massive data analysis, similar to the public comment network of information security. (editor's note: for example, score the performance of Shanda cloud and Alibaba cloud in dealing with DDoS attacks)

3. CipherCloud

Product service: provide a unified cloud information protection platform

Financing: US $30 million from Andreessen Horowitz

Reason for listing: data security and compliance are the biggest concerns of CIOs in transferring key data and applications of enterprises to the cloud. Ciphercloud provides a whole package of solutions, ranging from encryption, DLP, malware detection to security audit. Ciphercloud also offers customized security products for, office365, box, Gmail, and Amazon AWS. At present, ciphercloud has 2 million industry customers, including large global banks, medical institutions, insurance companies and government departments.

Competitors: gazzang, perspecsys, porticor, vormetric, voltage security

4. HyTrust

Product services: develop virtualization security tools to help enterprises centralize management of virtualization and cloud infrastructure.

Financing: US $34.5 million of venture capital has been raised from Trident capital, granite venture, etc. investors include in-q-tel, a venture capital of US intelligence agency.

Reasons for listing: virtualization and cloud infrastructure have brought new security, control, management and compliance challenges to enterprise IT departments. Hytrust's all-in-one machine integrates access control, virtualization infrastructure policy deployment, management program enhancement and log audit. Customers include AIG, US Army, Pepsi group, University of California, Berkeley and other star organizations.

Competitors: altor networks (n acquired by juniper) and catbird

5. ForgeRock

Product service: identity management solution

Financing: two rounds of financing totaling 22 million US dollars

Reason for listing: identity management and application access are two major security challenges in the cloud computing, mobile and social times. Most of the solutions are still endpoint products and cannot provide a unified identity management solution. Forgerock's open identity belongs to the next generation of identity and access management (IAM), which can meet the needs of enterprises for customer-centric Iam products.

Competitors: Oracle and Ca in IT giants, and competitors of startups include onelogin, OKTA, secureauth, etc.

6. MyPermissions

Product services: provide services to help users manage, control and monitor which apps and websites access their personal information.

Financing situation: obtain $1 million seed fund.

Reasons for listing: 82% of IOS apps use users' social network relationships to develop new users, and 63% of Android apps are doing the same thing. All businesses and hackers are like sharks and bloodthirsty to spy on and take advantage of personal privacy.

Mypermission can not only help users manage the access of third-party applications and websites to personal information, but also limit the permissions of applications (such as access to contacts or personal photos)

Competitors: and privacy choice.

7. Netskope

Product business: provide Cloud Application Analysis and policy creation tools to help enterprises get rid of the dilemma of agility and security compliance through visualization and advanced policy deployment.

Financing: obtained $21.4 million investment from Lightspeed ventures and social + capital partnership.

Reason for listing: the biggest obstacle of public cloud is trust. Netskope believes that the enterprise cloud application market has come to the tipping point, and the enterprise IT department is facing the ubiquitous shadow it problem. Netskope's products can help the IT department effectively manage the shadow it problem, and help it decision makers easily create cloud application security policies through in-depth analysis, protect enterprise data and optimize cloud application load.

Competitors: skyhigh networks is a pioneer in this field, but there will be more competitors in 2014.

8. Prevoty

Product services: provide web application cloud security services, protect and monitor all content, user sessions and application behaviors.

Financing: 2.4 million seed funds.

Reasons for listing: the open nature of Web makes it difficult for web developers and security teams to eliminate various security threats. Prevoty's cloud security solution can protect Web Applications (and user content in applications) from OWASP threats based on "scenario security" technology, including cross site scripting, SQL injection, etc.

Competitors: Web application firewall (WAF) vendors such as Citrix, F5 Radware, and A10 networks. Prevoty's differentiation is to focus on behavior rather than blacklist, and provide services rather than devices.

9. Skyhigh Networks

Product services: provide cloud security life cycle suite to discover, analyze and protect various cloud services.

Financing situation: in May 2013, we obtained 20 million US dollars in round B financing, accumulating 26.5 million US dollars in investment.

Reason for listing: the free cloud risk assessment provided can discover and isolate the cloud services of enterprises, and realize the visualization of various IAAs, PAAS and SaaS cloud services used by employees. Employees can use skyhigh's risk assessment tools to assess more than 30 indicators of all cloud services, helping enterprises stay away from potential data leakage risks and non-conforming cloud services.

Competitor: netskope

10. SnoopWall

Product service: provide "three proofs" software that can prevent espionage, malice and monitoring, and can detect and block remote control, espionage and eavesdropping against computers, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Financing: angel investment with unknown quantity

Reason for listing: since the prism gate incident, the global concern about cyber espionage is growing day by day. Not only NSA and hackers, but also the 0day malware that most network security solutions can't prevent can sneak into devices unconsciously through applications.

Snoopwall claims to be able to prevent new network security threats, play the role of "port gatekeeper", guard high-risk data ports, including webcam, microphone, GPS, USB and other access points that are easily controlled by malicious code.

Competitor: not yet.

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