301404503 and so on - how to work with them?

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15 a.m., January 29, 2020

Every time we click a link or the search robot of our website comes, the content of a dialog box is:

Hello, server! I am a robot. Can I scan this page?

Hello. Sure, come in.

If this is a page?

-Here, here, when you're repairing, when you get back.

What is the answer to the server?

First, all the response codes(

Not all server responses can be seen directly on the screen, most are still internal browser and search robot code. To quickly learn the status of any web page, open the developer tool in Chrome browser), and press F12. Click the network tab to update the page and get a list of the status of each item, including the page itself:

It is in these three numbers that the page status data in the status bar is encrypted: whether it can be scanned, whether it can be on this address, whether it can download all content, etc. D.

What is the most common server response code? What do they mean to optimize the site? Let's carefully consider the most useful SEO answers and handling methods.

Most common server responses

301 Moved Permanent

This means that the URL has been moved to the new location permanently. The browser automatically moves to 301 addresses - users who don't need any action.

Tip: do not send users from remote URLs to the website home page. For example, in your online store there is an unrelated product card, but it has a good reference quality. You want to keep this weight, put 301 radishes in the main. This is a mistake! Such changes are considered 404 soft by Google, which means that search engines will not send signals from old URLs to new ones. In this case, always redirect the page's most similar)(

In addition, avoid subnetworks with two or more addresses because they put additional pressure on the server and may even prevent users from acting as Unsafe Google doesn't have a radish index of more than 4. After each weight loss, it's better to be a direct radish) [1-2-3 instead of 1-2-3, 1-3].

After a few years, you can boldly remove the 301 to reduce the load on the server.

302 Found/Moved Temporarily

This is a temporary one. He said the page had been found, but had so far been posted at another address.

Usually, it gets worse with 301, and Google announcing that all the 3x turnips transfer reference weight. In fact, if you are sure you will use the old URL again. This is the 302 signals you tell the search engine, its response is to put all the reference weight on the old page.

If you continue to use 302 carrots, Google will eventually treat it as 301, with all the consequences. Please also check if there are 302 carrots on your website, which should be 301 in fact - such errors often occur.

304 Not Modified

When the server provides a 304 not modified response, the page remains unchanged since the last visit.

All browsers store the last modern header data on their cache. This in turn allows them to know exactly when the last page was modified. When the search robot enters the web page and sees the value of the title and has been stored in the cache, the server returns 304 answers.

This code can be used to speed up the indexing of websites. You know, after getting such a response, the search robot will not be able to load the page, so it will be able to index more pages.

The best answer is 200 OK. This means that the request was processed successfully. But 304 bears the same load. Generally speaking, the new web page and first visit should be 200 responses, or 304 if there is no change.

403 Forbidden

This response code indicates that the user cannot access the page.

403 if a user enters the site, an error may occur, but it does not have access to the closed internal network. For example, if I try to enter the office of Edmund se ranking by using the password of my personal account and logging in, there will be 403 "inaccessible" errors on the screen. 403 if the primary index file is invalid, an error will occur. It must have an index and extension of Name:.

Council: the 403 page reply code will eventually be removed from the index, so Google proposes to replace the 403 page reply with a 404 page reply.

404 Not Found

Favorite SEO errors. The display server did not find anything at the specified address, although the connection between the server and the client was successful.

Don't worry if you see your Google search console 404 page. Search engines simply tell you which pages have been deleted and whether you have decided to check them. But what's worth doing is removing all links to remote pages, so don't confuse the navigation on your site.

We usually see an error code when you enter an invalid URL to the browser, so try to access a page that doesn't exist. Or, for example, the owner of the site deleted a page without a new address for the URL. The result was 404 errors. In order to solve this problem, tourists need to reconsider the URL they wrote or try to search the information on the website themselves, Resource owner - corrects the reference of bits to workers.

Page 404 has no index or transfer weight. As a result, some optimists make the mistake of "soft 404", giving a standard page answer of 200 instead of 404. But it's considered a bad practice, because 200 yards Google says the URL is the real page. Finally, pages appear in the index, and search engines continue to try to scan URLs that don't exist instead of your actual pages.

How to configure 404 pages for your website

If before, when a page didn't exist, users only saw 404 numbers, now, it's just a sea idea. But don't forget, he comes to specific requirements, your task is to give him a solution, not to entertain him. So don't forget to optimize 404 Pages - add your site navigation or contact form, especially if there's 404 pages of traffic.

If your CMS) doesn't create a 404 page content management system, you can create it yourself.

Htaccess Download

The easiest way to configure a page with 404 errors is to add error information, such as ErrorDocument 404 "" H1 not found / H1 "to the htaccess file itself.

As a result, you have to have something like this:


You can use the title function and different scripts to change the contents of page 404) for example, Uther made a mistake in the URL itself, or has "bit" links from a resource.

detailed description.

Through WordPress

You have several options:

Details can be found here.

410 Gone

This answer indicates that the page or document cannot access the specified address and the new address is unknown.

In addition, the Google search console URL detection tool listed 410 answers as 404, resulting in a further increase of 404 errors found on the console.

410 the most common answer is on a low trust page, with no links or permanent deletion. For example, goods that will no longer be sold.

Because Google is still a 404 and 410 different error, you only need to use 410 code when you know the page has been deleted and will not return. The default answer is caching. Search engines no longer appear on Web pages and are removed from the index.

Tip: think twice before permanently deleting a page. If you doubt it, it's best to put the radish on a similar page and get at least part of the current traffic. If deleting a page cannot be avoided, be sure to check that the link references it - once the page is deleted, the magic link will also end.

503 Service Unavailable

This status tells search robots and users that there are currently no pages available, so the server cannot process input requests.

In most cases, 503 occurs when the server is overloaded, for example, the limit on the number of requests received is exceeded, or the server is in maintenance.

There may be other reasons:

Tip: ideally, 503 error messages, you have to point out that users need to return to the site after x time. Unfortunately, this is rarely done - usually after trying luck.

Last but not least, status code 503 does not allow search engines to index websites. In addition, he reported that the service was poor because users could not get into the places they wanted to go. Therefore, we must solve the problem as soon as possible, otherwise it will affect the location of the website.

How to configure the 503 page website through PHP

What is the status code 503 like in PHP:

More details can be found in this instruction.

How to verify all web page status codes

If you want to use a click to quickly check the status code of all pages on your website, please try our website analysis tool.

The tool will not only check all pages on your website, analyze key optimization options, but also perform SEO Audit on important technical parameters of the whole resource, Find mistakes and even tell them the solution.

All page status you will see in the main report, analyzed technical parameters, pages, meta tags, links and content.

By the way, you can test all the basic auditing functions with a free beta version.

There is no doubt that it was only at noon that the error was found in the answer code. You still have to solve problems related to server errors, but your error search will take a few minutes. By optimizing your page status codes, don't forget to send them to a new index.

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