duck's amazing sex scandal "attack and defense fierce battle"

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Argentine duck 42 cm in frog size. (photo = pixel


This is one of the hot topics of the Obama administration. What is the name of the dispute This is the case.

In March 2013, the U.S. Congress and the opposition Republican party found fault in a hound study. These people "overspended" on the "duck sexual contradiction and genital evolution research" conducted by the professor group of Ornithology department in the area of Richard franms.

The media also expanded the news to say: "your $380000 blood potential is studying the hidden parts of ducks." A new coinage has emerged, called "duckpenisgate.".

So why does Prof. prown research?

In order to be selected as a very picky mother and son, the male duck makes a complex courtship. But unfortunately, there are only a few males selected. The rest wait for next season or rob their mother.

Ducks have 97% of the adult birds, and their size is very large. Argentina's green duck is 30 cm long, while penis is 42 cm. Plus the spiral grooves and the sharp whirlwinds.

The male and female defenses are also surprising. The channels connecting the reproductive organs are winding, and opposite to the male's spiral, to prevent male forced entry. 40% of the cases of a female duck are forced to copulate, but the result is only 2-5% of the total children.

Professor fron said that these cases are not only human beings, but all animals fight to ensure achievement autonomy and self-discipline, and the existing animals are physically "evolved". Duck genitalia research is not a waste of budget, but full of new current events about biological evolution.

Beautiful evolution (East Asia, 2019) is a book based on the incidental theory of "natural selection" based on the survival law of the fittest.

The author of more than 30 years' observation of bird research around the world maintains that "all kinds of beauty in nature are the result of natural selection, and its beauty is the result of sexual selection".

Birds choose their actors on the basis of their preference for specific feathers, colors, singing and boasting. The result is the evolution of ornaments. Desire itself and the object of desire evolved together. As a result, the diversity of sexual beauty has increased with the emergence of mate selection among millions of birds in the past.

This is one of the cases

Pheasants and cocks in the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and bonho rainforests have very long feathers. The feather feet extend 1 meter, 180 cm from the tail to the mouth. In order to get the mother's choice, male Qinglan launched the supreme courtship show.

This bird cleans up the land of 4-6m. In order to attract the hearts of the audience, it sings "water ah" in the morning and at night.

The male performance of the bird with golden head tempts the pistil with elegant acrobatic flight and artistic dance steps, and the performance with white beard is disorderly, begging for male and female. Up to 54 species of mana golden birds are each decorated with feathers and show off their action, sound signal programs. With the blessing of "dating violence", the new Duke desperately prepared for the performance in order to meet his mother and son, and they prepared for military affairs.

The book says that Xuan Ze is not just a bird. The height of ape man treasure and acupuncture fans who are closest to people is 25-30%. But human men are about 16% higher than women. Compared with other primates, tiger teeth are also very small. This is the direction to prove that human beings can minimize the possibility of physical pressure and violence.

The author states that "the evolutionary characteristics of achievement self-discipline widely appear in many reproductive societies", "the incentive of women's evolutionary pursuit of sexual self-discipline is not only the evolutionary function of human nature, but also the core function of human nature itself. Emphasis has become an important factor. " In addition, the cultural evolution of paternalism is the main culprit of women's self-discipline of achievement.

This controversial book is the final candidate of the fiction department who won the popular appeal award in 2001.

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