blog of former chelyabinsk programmers: servers and osgi: gangs deployed in glassfish v3

Posted by tetley at 2020-04-10

In November 2008, Sun Microsystems, which was still alive at that time, launched a new open source application server experimental version, GlassFish V3 prelude. Since then, the server has had several stable versions, the latest being 3.0.1. GlassFish V3 is characterized by the modularity and scalability of OSGi technology in Apache Felix. Therefore, on the one hand, GlassFish V3 provides a power box( Can register the servo system.

If you need to extend to GlassFish V3 declaration services to meet the specifications of 1.1, you must take the following actions:

After data processing, services meeting the 1.1 specification will be registered through fair DS, and services meeting the 1.0 specification will be registered through Felix SCR. If this is a mess, you have to close it and delete Felix SCR USD GlassFish \ u home / modules / autostart / org.apache.felix.scr.jar, Then, all declaratory services will be registered through fair DS. It should be noted that it is impossible to start equinox DS on Apache Felix, so you must configure the application server to start in equinox framework.

Especially in the regular expression filtered Gang list, it is very helpful to manage a large set of modules consisting of hundreds of elements, for example, GlassFish application server.

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