dialer founder belaid on voice broadcasting, ai, chatbots

Posted by santillano at 2020-04-10

Areski Belaid,Star2Billing CTO and founder, as well as Newfies-Dialer explains his company's services that can push a business and especially contact center business forward to better organization, customer retention, and communications. His Newfies-Dialer is a Cluecon sponsor, and the voice broadcasting system has some awesome news. Read on! 2. What's the latest news of your company?Our voice broadcasting system, Newfies-Dialer, although not freely available, is being used by companies worldwide in outbound call centers, for market researchers and pollsters, particularly suiting telecoms companies who wish to provide these services to their customers, as Newfies-Dialer is both multi-tenant and can bill customers. 5. How can the IP communications industry participate in the opportunities of chatbots & AI?As a company operating in the call center industry, we are always looking at chatbot and AI. Conversational chatbots are booming recently, and the technology to power a chatbot are now available to us, all thanks to solutions like API.AIand Amazon lex. There is plenty of innovation to be made in the telecommunication industry, but it’s now easy to provide Intelligent interaction on phone calls. The time where we use to press a key on a phone to navigate through a multi-level IVR will soon be a thing of the past... AI is also becoming a strong player in our industry, for instance companies like Lyrebirdare using AI to build text2speech systems that can reproduce anyone's voice using a few minutes of recording, quite scary! AI & Machine learning is key for speech recognition; we will see these technologies getting better, faster and more available to everyone in the coming years. It’s still in the early days, but there are huge opportunities for our industry to create new products and improve existing ones.