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Posted by barello at 2020-04-10

Journalist of the Nineteenth Journalist (Nineteenth)18 saw the incident of violence with his eyes, and what he said was a miracle.

Citizenship research law (CAA) has been torn into the fire of violence in the northern hemisphere. Instead of the media reporter, death in this violence. The number of people has now increased by 34. 56 police in violence are reportedly being killed with nearly 200. A crowd of media reporting violently affected areas made their mark, which included two kinds of anti-TV offenders and Saudi Sukka, Those who were enraged by the Beneficent. At the same time, they were embarrassed by the Journalist of the Nineteenth (CNN News18). The eyes of the event are dazzled, and you can recite it with them as you can.

Resize shame:

I thought I was watching a movie. There was a cat scared and scared. Some of them were dressed in humility, and they were all crying, as they entered their houses, and there came a scream, a few minutes later. I looked up from the window of the house to the fire. With two other reports, I saw a big head in the woods of the north-east Delhi in a special area. He stood across the red.

We weren't allowed to shoot or record anything there. The crowd threatened us not to get out of your phone pocket. And enjoy what's going on.

The houses were abandoned for burning.

There were rocks in front of us and behind us, and the CD was thrown down. There was also a place of righteousness set on fire. He was not allowed to go near, but the rising of the black smoke could also be seen from a distance.

I was standing there in the desert, and I saw the houses disappearing. I was worried why the police stayed a few kilometers away from the scene. If the report can get information, the police can get it.

The crowd rejoiced, and left the houses to burn. The crowd was filled with pride. They let us take a picture from there. And there came to a people who were not but a few of them, and We found in it a crowd of hosts, and the whole world. There were 144 of them. The old gate was broken down in the city. Of 200 to 300 people a holy place. They were breaking up. A fire was kindled in the woods, and smoke was coming out.

As houses are being burned to the ground in Khazoori Khas in North East Delhi- there is NO police present in the area.This is 3rd day of #DelhiRiots. Why is this still on?

The police were laying hands on people shut down.

I was reporting on two TV reports with Saudi Suk and Arduind criminals. We stopped our cars. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. There were no streets around me. I saw some police coming to the bike and screaming at the armed men.

Like anybody reporting. He began recording his cell phone with a crime record that he put on his client's pocket. It happened. In a few minutes, about 50 people came to us for blood rods and hockey sticks. Until we found out, they attacked Arduind. He said, “The sun has risen on us, and I said to the people who were bound by my hand, ‘Let them go with us three, and we were talking twice.’ We're sorry, we're wrong, we're journalists, but they weren't affecting anything.

Deleted from phone every picture and video

After continuing to hit the audience for a few minutes, They destroyed every video and photo of his phone, and then they let him go. He was naked, and he was bleeding with his mouth. He lost one tooth when the other two broke up.

As I and Arvad came to my cars, which stood a little afar off, We were worried that the crowd was surrounded by another Saudi reporter with us. The crowd surrounded them and said he had his phone. Deleting all photos and videos or their phones will be burned.

Our religion has been questioned

I went back and begged the crowd. My phone was put in my truck pocket, but I told them it was in the car. I prayed. that they would not do anything with me, but rather that they wouldn't.

They asked us about our religion, and I showed them my love card, and I told them about my humiliation, and the sun gave thanks. The treasures of the vineyards were shown to them. They wanted to know whether we were one of them. After a long time they prayed and prayed. They let us go, after they had acknowledged their true faith, and we joined our hands and departed from there. He called us to the Praiseworthy Ramah. They wanted to.

(Applause: New 18 India)

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