introducing scala for quick learning (2020 edition)

Posted by barello at 2020-04-11

There are many books and web pages about Scala that are scattered all over the place, and I often feel that I don't know where to pick up. This is because I have a lot of opportunities in education / training for Scala recently.

So, I would like to introduce some suitable resources to learn Scala. It is only Japanese resource because it is not understood which English language resource is good.

N primary school programming course

Because of the high reliability of the contents and the technician who is rich in the experience of scala in the field, it is recommended to the person who wants to acquire practical ability.

The N preparatory school was 1000 yen a month, but it is now open to the public for free.

Introduction to Scala

It is a propaganda feeling that I introduce the book of the book which I have included in the author

For this reason, if you want to quickly acquire Scala's knowledge in the field, this book is most recommended (of course, this isn't just available on the spot at once). All coauthors are rich in experience with Scala and there are few mistakes except caermesmith. Of course, if you find a mistake, I will report it.

Let's start Scala! Invitation to multi paradigm languages

It is a book released from impress Rd. In addition to the vocabulary specification of Scala, it is somewhat touched on some practical topics such as future and either. In addition, it is also good to have some mention about SBT, which is essential for Scala. In particular, I think there is a choice of the price here. Since the language specification is Scala 2.12 system premise, there is no big problem.

Future Either Future Either

Other books

Although there are many other Japanese books, there are many old Japanese books in the old days, and it doesn't reflect the current ecosystem in the scala neighborhood, and there are many mistakes in the description, and it is not recommended that it is already Although it is a good book, it is difficult to recommend it as of 2020 because it differs from the time of publication. Akka practice Bible is recommended for those who want to know akka's story.

Scala training text

It is the text for the scala first scholar who I wrote with the coworker of the time in the preoccupation (Dogo go) age. It is donated to Japan Scala Assocation (JSA) now. CC by-nc-sa3.0 is open in the form of exceptions and can contribute freely.

Because there is an exception clause, it is freely available even if it is possible that it may lead indirectly to the profit if it is a newcomer training application. Even if you want to use this text to be profitable, you can use JSA individually to grant permission. I hope that you will have the request.

In fact, we accept the pull request for error misuse and explanation errors.

In addition, maintenance is currently two of me and xuwei-k, and especially because of the effort of xuwei-k, the latest version of SBT and scala is kept close to scala's version.

The language specification part is large enough for me to write, but I pay attention to the accuracy. We also have to scare some important points of scala that are not touched by other books. This text is available in several Scala recruiters, so please try using it.

Note that it may be somewhat difficult for those who have no experience in Java language, especially because they are learning Java. In this area, JSA has jurisdiction over the situation, and there is no restriction of the text for Dongo, so I would like to shift it in the direction of education text for Scala first scholarship.


It is a page that explains various functions of scala in memo form by hitoyama. Quite a variety of points have been tested, and the sample is also rich, so it helps to make Scala's practical understanding. For some reason, there may be some obsolete about the date of the update, but it is a good site for beginners.

So, I tried to introduce Scala's reference book. It is useful to introduce if this book is good or this site is good in the comment column.

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