2018 artificial intelligence hot start, intelligent customer service robot changes customer service industry?

Posted by fierce at 2020-04-11

On March 26, at the 2018 session of China Development Forum, "innovation leads the future: insights of business leaders", the heads of world-class top technology companies such as IBM, Google and Baidu gathered to introduce the changes that the cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence will bring to society and industry.

Google's chief executive, Sandel Picchi, said that artificial intelligence technology will greatly change the face of all walks of life. "Artificial intelligence has further expanded human knowledge and experience, which will have a huge impact on society." Said Sandel Picasso.

Robin Li, chairman and chief executive of Baidu Inc, believes that the growth of China's economy in the future may depend more on the development of AI technology. AI will have a huge impact on the supply side and the consumer side.

According to Luo Ruilan, chairman, President and CEO of IBM, China's economic development is undergoing a transformation from "Yes No" to "no good". In various fields such as medical treatment, manufacturing transformation, industrial infrastructure, food supply, etc., artificial intelligence can bring a new look to the industry.

For the online customer service industry, artificial intelligence is not new. The emergence of intelligent customer service robot greatly reduces the pressure of artificial customer service and human cost. Live800, who has been deeply involved in the online customer service industry for 15 years, has deep feelings. Statistics show that live800 can reduce the human cost of enterprises by more than 21% through intelligent customer service robots and other functions. So what about the intelligent customer service robot of live800?

24 hours online, continuous conversation

Live800 provides unattended 24-hour service for intelligent robot customer service. It has a rich communication library. The background automatically decomposes users' questions and answers common service questions. At the same time, as the assistance of human customer service, robot customer service helps human customer service provide answers to common problems in daily work for human customer service reference, relieve the pressure of human customer service, and improve work efficiency.

Intelligent semantic analysis, better understanding of customer's heart

In depth refine industry segmentation and semantics, through sentence analysis combined with context and user business tree model, improve the accuracy of robot customer service response, while intelligent robot customer service can absorb the response of artificial customer service, enrich the content of knowledge base, and constantly learn and grow.

Seamless and flexible

Live800 intelligent robot customer service and artificial customer service can be seamlessly connected through the set business rules. Live800 can achieve multiple access modes: access to artificial customer service when intelligent robot customer service cannot be answered; specify artificial service for important channels or pages; judge the priority access of intelligent robot customer service and artificial customer service according to the attributes of different customers; configure robot or artificial customer service respectively according to the time period.

In the era of artificial intelligence, intelligent robot customer service will be more and more widely used, and enterprises will pay more and more attention to intelligent robot customer service, but at least at this stage, intelligent robot customer service can not replace artificial customer service. If in the future, who knows? The 30th CIO class enrolls students from Brest School of business, France, master class enrolls students from Beida soft Exin network space and it security Basic certification training Beida software Exin Devops professional certification training editor: zhangxuefeng