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Last weekend, I went to a coffee shop to write something. I saw a beautiful girl next to me. She was using a Mac air to do the GTD process. I was surprised. Isn't the little girl in GTD broken. I quietly watched her use light air, and suddenly found that she actually used, and I never used some of the functions she handled.

Because I am a shy person, and I dare not talk to her. I can only wait for her to make up in the dressing room, when I secretly open her air, and I am surprised to find a function - handling. My God!!! Why have I never used the processing function?

While she was away, I tried the function. This is my trial report.

When learning GTD, many new people often mistakenly think that processing is the whole process of GTD. This misunderstanding usually lasts for a long time. A few days ago, a friend who claimed to use the concept of GTD for more than three years told me that the following picture is the whole of GTD. If you understand this picture, you will fully understand GTD. (click to see the big picture)

"The above figure is GTD", which is undoubtedly wrong. The reason why so many people mistakenly regard the processing as GTD is because the processing is the most important process in GTD process! In general, if we can do a good job in the process, we can greatly improve the possibility of completing the task. However, the key point is also the difficulty. Many partners will encounter a lot of problems when they do the process:

① I have collected so much. It's so annoying. I don't want to deal with it;

② Usually in the "two minute principle", I am taken away by the unconscious to do other things, forgetting to do the processing, or even dealing with it for a long time;

③ The new person mixed the two processes of processing and organization together, unable to find out exactly what is processing and organization;

④ The methodology of GTD was abandoned because of its poor handling.

So, when we have so many problems, and these problems become the core issue of whether we can adhere to GTD, we must find a way to solve the problem, adhere to this link of doing a good job! And the new feature on this MAC air solves this problem easily.

Taking advantage of the girl's absence, I quickly collected a lot of tasks in her collection box, so 17 tasks came into her collection box.

In fact, I used to be restless when I saw more than 10 items in the collection box, so I clicked the processing button in the lower right corner of the above figure, wow!!! The world is fresh! Focusing on processing one by one is really the embodiment of GTD's processing idea! So I began to follow the process

(1) Multitask to project

When processing to this item, you need to add subtasks:

So, I listed what I need to do, but I think it should be a project, because it involves other people (the idea of GTD is not here, because the beauty is coming back soon), so I transformed it into a project, just click the button, and, very handsome, all the subtasks have become the next step Great! No need to input again!

(2) Multi person collaboration

Processing one by one, I suddenly encountered such content, which needs other partners to operate together, so I quickly clicked this button:

I think it's still the previous pull-down menu. Unexpectedly, it's completely changed. There's animation in the middle, but the screenshot can't be seen. It's like this:

(3) Convenient action editing

I'm really touched! With two buttons and a third edit button, I happened to be dealing with the action of "buy detergent at night", so I clicked:

You can see that in the editing interface, I can set the situation, classification, resources and energy for the action of "buy washing powder", or set the reminder time to before work. Everything is so natural and easy! (let's still talk to the newcomers here. If you are in contact with the GTD process at the beginning, don't organize it casually. If you form a bad habit, it will be troublesome ~)

(4) Others

Of course, in the process of processing, there are many times when some actions don't need to be done. That's very simple, just click the delete button.

With the handle button, everything seems to become too easy, and handling is no longer a problem!

Just when I was happy, the girl came back. She saw that I was playing with her machine, so she shouted to me, "you! In! Dry! What! "!" I sincerely explained what I just did to her. She seemed to meet a confidant. Once she changed her attitude and exchanged a lot of her own views on with me, and I talked with her about personal management, she found that business management or traditional knowledge management was only a part of personal management, and she was excited to send air Give it to me, and send me the new version of that will be released in the near future!!

At that time, I wanted to be determined not to ask for other people's things, but in order to get more new functions of, I still committed myself to accept them completely. Today, I'll be here. I'll find new functions in two days and tell you about them.