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Posted by deaguero at 2020-04-11

What if the girl is a dessert? Give her a heart and her favorite candy - it will arouse her heart!

When she calmed down, she read about the benefits of chocolate bars.

For example, just remember this:

Chocolate bars are called shaped chocolate bars with or without filler.

Since the Aztec era, there have been cocoa and chocolate drinks. In the early 19th century, drinks began to pour in shape. In the late 19th century, Nestle invented the condensed milk formula, which was better blended with cocoa, and created a smoother, sweeter product - the world's most popular chocolate.

Modern scientists evaluate the positive properties of cocoa beans. Research shows that bitter chocolate is more beneficial to people than milk. Dark chocolate improves vascular function, contains flavonoids and rich antioxidants.

Chocolate bars are often called "eat something" because of their high nutritional value. In this case, it must be remembered that the high calorific value of this product is taboo when it is overweight.

According to the classic recipe, chocolate bars include cocoa powder or cocoa bean oil, milk, or, in some cases, cream, sugar or sugar substitutes, And caramel walnuts. In addition, nuts, fruits, wafers and biscuits are often used in chocolate bars.

The most common and popular type of chocolate chocolate chocolate * chocolate, based on bitter chocolate or milk chocolate; Chocolate candy, chocolate with porous chocolate filling; chocolate with nut or fruit filling, chocolate with chocolate bar for sports; In general, its ingredients contain more vitamins, as well as other bioactive and beneficial substances. It is worth noting that for decades, various brands have been producing chocolate. For example, the well-known chocolate bars bounty, Snickers, Mars, TOBLERONE, Twix, nuts, etc. What kind of chocolate bar does not take? Actually, every candy product is packed in a plastic ball. The small size and high nutritional value of candy make chocolate bars a good food for fast food without other substitutes.

Considering the wide popularity of chocolate candy, candy products can be purchased freely in any domestic store. The calorie value of chocolate bars varies according to the ingredients used to make candy.

The average calories of chocolate bars are 492 kcal. The energy value of chocolate bars) the proportion of protein, fat and carbohydrate BJU

Protein: 13.51g (2000) - 54 kcal. Year to 193 kcal carbohydrate: 45.84g The usefulness and damage of a chocolate bar depends on its composition, ~ 183 kcal.

Chocolate is rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which makes us beautiful and intelligent. Phosphorus nourishes the brain, magnesium regulates cell exchange, and calcium ensures the strength of bone tissue. The thiocyanate contained in chocolate has antibacterial properties and prevents the formation of tartar; phosphate and fluorine can strengthen teeth. So it's unfair to say that chocolate can't be the cause of dental caries.

Perhaps one of the most valuable properties of chocolate is its ability to improve mood. If we can overcome the sadness and sorrow, and eat some chocolate or a chocolate cake, life will be better. You should know that magnesium can inhibit depression, improve memory, enhance compression resistance and enhance immunity.

Doctors recommend using chocolate to prevent colds and spring fatigue. If you have a cold, you can have a piece and a half of dark chocolate - cough and sore throat.

For the damage of chocolate bars, most nutritionists, as well as doctors, recommend that people with obesity or diabetes be completely excluded from their diet. Otherwise, chocolate damage can cause serious health problems. In addition, pediatricians advise parents to ensure that children do not abuse sweets, which can affect children's health. First, digestive organs and teeth.

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a chocolate bar. Cocoa beans - an essential part of a real and useful chocolate, if you find cocoa powder in its place, it doesn't make chocolate harmful, but it says, If the product has a gray collision, then don't think it's damaged or not real. This is an incorrect storage result. So, there's only real chocolate, not chocolate or sweet tiles. The real melt in the mouth, but in the hand.

"Seeding" chocolate can be in another stressful situation - overcooling. Don't store sweets in the fridge, or they will be covered with icing. Frozen chocolate burns and squeaks on your teeth.

The best milk chocolate does not contain plant fat, which is an essential and useful substitute for cocoa butter.

If hexane, soybean oil, sunflower oil, palm oil or cotton oil is found, this product is not chocolate and is called "candy board". The only cake is low price. It should be noted that cocoa butter, rather than the equivalent of cocoa butter or any special-purpose suspect fat, should be specified, This can be harmful to your health.

Chocolate is allowed to have preservatives if they don't exceed 5% of the total mass, but if you specify ingredients such as "additives", this makes the product quality problematic.

Pay attention to the price. High quality chocolate must not be cheap.

If gost P 52821-2007 is indicated on the chocolate package, it is guaranteed to meet the national standard. The less the composition of ceramic tile, the greater its benefits. Obviously, chocolate with raisins or nuts will combine its ingredients with those ingredients. The disadvantage of this advanced option is that with their "noise" manufacturers often add substances to the furnace, which will greatly save quality.

If we say "coco Valley", it sounds good, but it means "bread crumbs", which can be oily waste.

Lecithin is not a necessary part of real chocolate, but in almost all candy pieces, it exists. Don't be afraid of lecithin when deciding what a chocolate choice is. It's no harm to him. It is produced by cells and tissues of many living organisms on the earth, which need to be used as building materials for repairing and growing cells.

Chocolate plate storage technology made of chocolate, so that cocoa oil and cocoa liquid can be stored for 2 years without any harmful preservatives, but The average life span of chocolate is 6 to 18 months. If chocolate is natural, there is no need to add fillers, and chocolate fillers cannot be stored for such a long time, the average shelf life should be 3 months.

The best chocolate chocolate chocolate manufacturers) chocolate candy: Snickers, Mars, wealth, tollone, Twix, numbers, picnic, front, Micky way, bite star, yaskin, kinder chocolate, Russia, Ferrero, babaevsky, kitkatkat, neskuik, Slavic, etc