it is said that a new weapon was leaked in the legend of apex

Posted by deaguero at 2020-04-12

Respawn entertainment can add a new SMG to the apex legend. At least this is the last decryption

The Royal campaign has undergone many changes since its inception, especially in the third quarter, when a new card and encryption card arrived. However, since the update, the need for players to understand future additions has never diminished.

In the past, we saw characters, time limited ways and new weapons added to the game. Your arsenal is likely to expand further on this issue.

What's the next weapon?

A recent "activation letter" asked dataminer that 1miningguy to stop sharing new decryptions in modern wars, and once again found something very interesting in the apex legends file.

"I'm not sure if it's for the bus or vodka." ("I hope it's vodka, but I know some of you prefer vodka, but it seems that the new SMG model is being tested, a'il tweete, along with the screen capture of the file.

SMG wise we currently have (correct me if I'm wrong) - the R99 and the alternative only, right? Not sure if it's for the car or for the volt (hopefully someone likes the volt, but knows someone likes the car) but you look like a new SMG tap mode. Twitter

For those who don't know, the car and the volt he mentioned are two old weapons of Titan Farr 2, which is the precedent of the rapan entertainment game. Since then, apex Legends (such as l-star) have found some elements in this series in the second season.

There is no doubt about whether the content found will be added. If there is no confirmation from respawn, it will definitely not be found until the fourth quarter. Recently, this is a complete list of images found in the game, but we don't know their development stage.

At that time, we may receive more information, so please keep an eye on our news on apex legend.