first death in the crown of sorrowland

Posted by santillano at 2020-04-12

Picture of coronavirus sampling. Photo: Adam Ihse/TTUpdated 16March 2020Published 16March 2020

The Region of Sri Lanka reported on Monday afternoon that five adults were found to be infected with the coronavirus virus. Four of them have mild symptoms and one has died.

Five more adults were found to be infected by the coronavirus virus in Sri Lanka. One of the five, an elderly multi-sick patient, has died, the notified Region of Silesia on Monday morning. The other four have mild symptoms.

Sorrows are now up in the 33rd persons found to be infected by the coronavirus.

In total, seven people have died as a result of the virus throughout the country.

The region announces in a press release that, after Monday, no account will be taken of the number of infected in the region. Only cases treated in intensive care will be reported.

These are new guidelines from the public health authority, we are testing only on risk groups, says Mr Gustavsson, Press Officer of the Region of Sorrento.

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