how to reset routing settings hardware and software

Posted by lipsius at 2020-04-13

Do you know how to route to factory settings? In this case, you are here. In this publication, we will discuss how to reset the settings of the Wi Fi router and why it is the appropriate recovery. For example, if the Wi Fi router is unstable or the IP address is not available, In addition, if you forget to access the control panel or set the wrong password, you need to go back to the factory and reconfigure the parameters. Solutions to these and other issues will be discussed below.

You can reset the routing settings factory on both the program and hardware. In the first case, you need to log in to the network device's control panel and set all the default settings from there. In the second case, you can reset to factory settings on the back of the router. It's usually the "reset" button there.

Pay attention! When you set Lotte in the factory, he'il returns to its original state. Your previously specified password and login are restored to the default state, and routing will need to be reconfigured, taking into account your ISP settings. How to configure a Wi Fi router, please read here.

The software reset of Wi Fi routing settings is usually used when the user knows the password and logic. It can enter the management panel of network devices. Without this option, you can reset the router settings to use the buttons I mentioned on the hardware. If the password and login have not changed before, Then enter the default IP address (usually or in the address bar of the browser and enter the input data in the open authentication form.

For access to the control panel, you can paste a label in the document or from the router below. You can also perform ipconfig requests from the command line and specify the IP address of your route in the string "main gateway". Usually, the default password and logic login to the router control panel uses admin, but there are exceptions. Now, let's look at how to reset the hardware and software settings of the Wi Fi router in more detail.

Route setup reset.

This method is used if you know the authentication data access router interface. Enter the browser address of the IP address of your network device, enter login (password) in the login form and confirm your action by clicking the button. View all Of course, each manufacturer's interface is different, but intuitively, you should easily find out where to reset.)( I'll give you a tp link and ASUS root.

Locate the system tools section): "factory settings") To configure

You can also reset the routing ASUS settings. Locate the advanced settings - administration and recovery tabs, and then click recover. Then route restarts and sets all default values. All settings have been removed.

Reset route settings.

If you can't access your routing interface for any reason, this will help you. It's a very simple process, it takes less than a minute. Any Wi Fi router has a "reset" button, which is a factory setting for hardware reset of network devices. It is usually in the form of a back panel or a bottom cover and is finished in the form of a small button groove.

Pick up a match or a paper clip, press the button, and hold it for 10-15 seconds. To avoid damage to the "reset" button, I do not recommend the use of pins or pins.

Once the indicator flashes or goes off, the router restarts and returns to factory settings. Now the rest is to configure the Wi Fi router according to the network settings of your ISP, and you can access the Internet. By the way, if you have a weak wireless router signal, I suggest you run an inssid to test the wireless network.

Now that you know how to reset your Wi Fi routing settings, I'll do it today.

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