[card news] end of windows 7 support, d

Posted by millikan at 2020-04-13

1. The end of window 7 support D-Day 142. The end of window 7 support January 14, 2020, the end of Microsoft's computer operating system "windows" 7 gas technology support. Microsoft (MS) can continue to use the PC running Windows 7, but problems related technologies, software (SW), security updates, If you continue to use crystal light... After the end of technical support, the newly found security weakness may take security measures in advance, resulting in malicious use of a security threat such as authentication information disclosure, remote infection. 5. Is it dangerous to install anti-virus software? If there is a new security vulnerability, only through anti-virus software can not understand the fundamental weakness of the operating system, can not use the computer safely. 6. How to confirm the version of windows being used? Click the start button in the lower left window, and then input "winner" in the search window. 7. What should I do? If you want to prevent harm from hacking, replace it with another operating system * or upgrade to the previous version (Windows 10) by January 14, 2020. (1 / 2) first of all, up to now, no matter 7 related windows or a non landing one, they should be applied. Quite a lot of malicious code threads will tell you that we have taken advantage of the weakness of enterprise, so as long as we use well distributed patches, it will also be very helpful for prevention in advance. 9. If we can't replace them immediately? (2 / 2) if you cannot confirm all PCs one by one, you can use the patch management solution to confirm and dispose whether the whole company's system adopts the security patch of Windows 7. The security packaging EPP patch management (ahnlabepp patch management) can confirm and adopt the patch of the whole system in the center once, and windows 7 and windows x P and other security patches provide easy to apply functions.