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Posted by lipsius at 2020-04-14

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Quickly find parts in CATIA model tree

Best answer: very simple: select the problem part you want to find on the 3D model, right-click: the first command, center graphf (place the catalog tree of the part you are displaying in the center of the screen and highlight it) can find the part you are looking for

7.11 part number conflict resolution - Software self study network

Your location: Home Page - Mechanical Design - CATIA video tutorial back to home page 7.11 part number conflict resolution playback help: [please install 360 speed browser if the computer can't see the video] [help for mobile users to watch the tutorial] [

CATIA parts assembly design explanation

October 24, 2018 - Search and try 1 reward document all doc ppt TXT PDF XLS... CATIA parts assembly design and assembly design is indispensable for mechanical products... 1-7 1.2.5 parts number [generation number method] tool

How can CATIA query the relevance of part features

October 16, 2017-1. How to convert the part entity drawn by CATIA into the surface data? Reference answer: CATIA has drawn the part entity to the surface data, basically CATIA will maintain the relevance of the data, so it must use the extraction function