person fell in the sea from the hurti group.

Posted by punzalan at 2020-04-14

A woman was picked up by the lake Wednesday night. She fell from the quick route of MS Finnmark while it was about to add a dock to Ålesund.

The person was brought to the hospital with an ambulance. Photo: Marius Simensen


Kvinna was transferred to St. Olavs hospital Wednesday night. According to the Middle Norway, she had very serious damage and the status was considered critical.

In an update from St. Olavs Hospital at 9:00 Thursday morning, the damage will still be very serious. They give up the age of a woman for 40 years. The state is still critical.

The police keep investigating.

Charlotte Amalie Vaksdal, investigator of the police, tells me the case is still under investigation and that the police will work on Thursday to map the incident course. She confirms that the woman fell into the sea during the arrival, not far from land. The police will leave Thursday morning with nothing more concrete about the incident crisis before the woman fell in the sea.

- There's no suspicion of any punishment. And there were witnesses reporting to the police about the incident. Kvinna was passengers on the speed route, she's Norwegian and related. We'll keep investigating the case, and today we'll work on mapping the event course, Vaksdal says.

The MS Finnmark was released Wednesday after the police had completed their investigations aboard.

Rescue operation

Wednesday night, all emergency sites, Red Cross, aircraft ambulance and a number of boats, including speedboats, rescue skates and fire boats, in the beach and water search in Valderhaugfjord after the person. The operation was in a larger area north of Skanseka.

The police reported that all available resources were inserted into the search. The closing hour later, a person was found by a boat that was in the search. It was found at 9:09 a.m. to confirm the rescue leader of the Southern HRS, Lars R øyt, to the Sun Sport:

The first alerts came in at 17:58, and they were immediately searched for the person. The person was found by a vessel that was with and was looking for the next. The person was picked up from the sea, and was brought to speed boatkaia and brought to land moments later, tells rescue leader R øya.

The police in M øre and Romsdal confirmed that there was a woman:

- It's picked up a woman from the sea. The health of the woman is still unknown. All of them have taken over, and she's taken to a hospital, and the police officer, Christian Vegsund, said to the Sun Sport just before 9:30 Thursday night. The person was brought to the hospital with an ambulance.

- The police will continue technical and tactical investigations to find out how this could have happened, told the inmates, who wouldn't comment on what they thought the woman would have fallen in the sea.

The police surgery centre reported just before 21:00 a.m. that they were trying to determine certain identification of the woman, and that the health care centre was working to alert relatives.

In the 18.50 days, the search was transferred to a greater extent in the direction of the Flatholm, and also along the country. Photo: Marius Simensen

A lot of boats participated in the search for women. Photo: Marius Simensen

Photo: Marius Simensen