will the kingsoft office 2016 be replaced by ms office? all about

Posted by trammel at 2020-04-15

Microsoft soft office software

Kingsoft office 2016

On February 25, 2016, Kingsoft office 2016 (WPS Office), a soft soft office compatible software from Kingsoft, was released. It is the latest edition of the software introduced in the "King soft office 2013" review about two and a half years ago.

* in November 2016, "Kingsoft office" was "WPS office" to Landes. Can be moved for free. WPS office is not so different but name. However, MS Office of the head family changed. For comparison of "Kinsoft office" and "WPS office", article . Please look at it.

This article reviews the latest "Kingsoft office 2016 (WPS Office)" below.

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Is the latest version of Microsoft Office compatible software compatible?

"Kingsoft office 2016 (WPS Office)" is greatly enhanced in three software, but the biggest point is compatibility enhancement. It is fully compatible with the new file format of docx, xlsx, and pptx adopted from Microsoft Office 2007, allowing for reading and storing.

However, it is a fact that it doesn't know that the actual compatibility is not used considerably. So, I chose the complicated layout from the templates of Microsoft Word 2016 / Excel 2016 / Powerpoint 2016, and read it into each software of the Kingsoft office 2016. I thought that the layout collapses, but I think that it can reproduce fairly well.

Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft Excel 2016

Display in spreadsheets. Although the spark line is not displayed, the table data and design are maintained

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Display in the installation. It is difficult to find the difference

After that, we will check the three enhancements for the app and the point of reinforcement for each app. And finally, I would like to point out my way of thinking about the effective use of Kinsoft office 2016 (WPS Office).