hanhua group, training college students "membership program" 6 selection

Posted by santillano at 2020-04-15

[beta news reporter Jin Shixian] Hanwha membership progrm, who is looking forward to the talent training program for college students, has ushered in the sixth issue, and has selected young and creative talents who dream of becoming content developers.

Hanhua group has been supported by the recruitment website of Hanhua group since the 5th of this month through the six phase selection of "HMP" for the purpose of selecting and cultivating talents who dream to become producers of cultural information.

HMP (Hanwha membership progrm) is a program for college students with the ability of content production in various fields to cultivate their strength when they enter the society in the future under the value of "improving the direction of the times through content".

The selected HMP talent standard is a college student who has a high degree of concern and understanding of digital content as the basis, the latest content analysis ability, and the power of creation (planning, production, design, editing, etc.) of various forms of digital content (image / image, etc.).

Students selected through the application will have 7 weeks of education and practice from July 10 to August 25.

First of all, there will be internal lecturer invitation, one days trip, visit subsidiaries, etc. After that, we cooperated with 5 members of Hansheng Ming brand strategy group in landmark 63 building in Seoul to carry out content planning, production, editing and other education.

If the course is successfully completed, stores will be arranged for the related business support of Hanhua group in the future. As a matter of fact, the marketing and cultural information production staff of Hanhua group, a HMP 1-5 company. Not only that, he also marched into major domestic content / media companies and exerted his own strength.

After the 7-week HMP course, the final release and completion ceremony were completed at the end of August.

"At the end of the course, we will continue to operate systematic reading procedures and plan to establish long-term Chinese networks committed in various fields," Hanhua group said

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